eSignLive and PrivateExpress Offer Solution to Reliably Deliver and Securely Sign Documents

August 8, 2000

Firms Electronically Sign Marketing and Distribution Agreement

San Mateo, California — August, 9 2000 — Silanis Technology, Incorporated, the industry leader for electronic signature and approval technology and PrivateExpress, Inc., the pioneer of private digital courier services, today electronically signed a marketing and distribution agreement to provide an easy to use, yet highly secure and reliable service for electronically signing business documents.

Fast, Reliable and Trusted Electronic Signatures

Signing business documents electronically will have a massive impact on improved business process and hard cost savings. PrivateExpress provides the perfect foundation for electronic signatures because of its unmatched security, reliability and ease of use.

By using ApproveIt with PrivateExpress, enterprises can rest assured that their critical business document will be reliably delivered, and signed by the intended party.

Every document sent via PrivateExpress is automatically encrypted and sent over the Internet through an “instant” VPN delivery tunnel, ensuring the reliable delivery and receipt of critical business information.

To provide another level of online trust, PrivateExpress provides every user with a unique digital credential verifying his or her online identity. These digital certificates come from the Entrust Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) component of PrivateExpress.

Available Today

With no capital expense or complex network configuration, enterprises can immediately recognize the productivity gains and hard cost savings of electronic versus paper signatures by simply becoming a member of PrivateExpress and purchasing ApproveIt today.

“Together the Silanis and PrivateExpress services provide a convenient and powerful solution to the progressive companies that plan to take maximum competitive advantage of digital signatures over the Internet,” said Tommy Petrogiannis, President of Silanis Technology. “We look forward to offering this complimentary combination of technologies to our clients and increasing our global reach.”

“PrivateExpress and Silanis have an enterprise-quality electronic signature solution today,” said Gordon Chapple, Executive Vice President of PrivateExpress. “Business professionals who routinely manage the risks associated with online commercial documentation will immediately recognize the benefit of combining Silanis’ products to our highly secure means of identification and transport.”