eSignLive ApproveIt fully utilizes the Federal Bridge Certificate Authority

August 7, 2002

August 8, 2002 — Silanis Technology Inc, a leading developer of electronic approval management solutions, today announced that its ApproveIt® software has successfully demonstrated the ability to meet the requirements for interoperability with the Federal Bridge Certificate Authority (FBCA) membrane.

ApproveIt's native support for the Certificate Arbitration Module (CAM) enables documents that have been signed electronically (and which contain digital certificates from disparate agency PKIs to be cross-certified in FBCA environments. Recipients of ApproveIt-signed documents can then accept the sender's electronic credentials with confidence knowing that the embedded certificates have been verified by the trust path offered by the FBCA.

ApproveIt also interoperates seamlessly with environments that additionally utilize the Discovery and Validation Engine (DAVE).

The first products to interoperate with FBCA is ApproveIt Desktop - a client-based software solution that is currently being used by over 60,000 members of the U.S. government, and ApproveIt xHTML Server - Silanis' new Web form signing solution.