eSignLive ApproveIt™ 4.5 to become Entrust-Ready

May 1, 2000

Silanis Technology Inc. announced today that its leading electronic signature approval software, ApproveIt™ 4.5, is currently in development to become Entrust-Ready™.

(Entrust SecureSummit) Dallas, TX, May 2, 2000 — Silanis Technology Inc. announced today that its leading electronic signature approval software, ApproveIt™ 4.5, is currently in development to become Entrust-Ready™. Entrust-Ready is the designation that applies to products and applications that inter-operate with Entrust Technologies Inc.'s market-leading PKI software. Together, the two technologies will introduce new eBusiness applications for companies seeking to replace traditional paper-based processes with a secure and trusted electronic solution. ApproveIt is the industry's only out-of-the-box electronic signature solution to support multiple electronic signature approval processes using digital certificates across multiple applications. Now in its fourth generation, ApproveIt enables companies to securely capture people's electronic signature approvals on-line and route the signed documents electronically for additional signatures. When combined with Entrust/PKI' certificates that securely authenticate the identity of a message sender using x.509 v3 digital certificates, companies will have access to a complete end-to-end eBusiness process.

"As the most widely used technology to secure data transmission over the Internet, companies using or evaluating Entrust Technologies' PKI solutions can add even more compelling applications with ApproveIt," said Michael Laurie, Vice President of Alliances at Silanis. "Together, our two technologies will enable eBusiness companies to securely complete all transactions with customers, suppliers and trading partners that require signed documents and data."

The Entrust/PKI software authenticates the user while ApproveIt manages the integrity of a signed document during the approval process. Using a unique technology called Intelligent ApprovalTM, ApproveIt duplicates a legally binding, pen and paper approval process in an electronic environment. By permanently binding signatures to the exact contents of an electronic document, once an electronic signature is applied, the contents of the document cannot be altered without invalidating the signature itself. "We are happy that Silanis has chosen to work with Entrust Technologies and we look forward to them successfully completing the Entrust-Ready testing," said Bob Heard, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Entrust Technologies. "Together with our partners, we are helping our business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C) and enterprise customers solve real business problems with comprehensive trusted solutions."

About Silanis

Founded in 1992, Silanis Technology Inc. develops ApproveIt, the industry's first and only multi-signature electronic approval management software. Over 400 organizations use Silanis products in government, business, insurance, medical, and health care sectors, including the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, TRW, Williams Group, Nationwide Insurance, and National City Bank. Silanis software is recognized for its mature feature set, security, ease-of-use, and simple integration.

About Entrust Technologies

Entrust Technologies Inc. is the global leader in solutions that bring trust to e-business relationships by securing business-to-business (B2B), business-to-customer (B2C) and enterprise transactions and communications. Entrust Technologies pioneered public-key infrastructure (PKI) and digital certificate solutions that provide security for business transactions and communications over the Internet. Through its innovation, vision and industry-leading security expertise, Entrust Technologies is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the explosive growth of the e-business market. Entrust Technologies Inc. is headquartered in Plano, Texas with worldwide offices and distributors across North America, Asia and Europe. For additional company information please visit

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