eSignLive Equips 40,000 U.S. Army Medcom Personnel With Electronic Signatures - Deal represents single largest deployment for e-signing documents

October 9, 2000

Montreal, Qc, October 10, 2000 — Silanis Technology Inc. and the U.S. Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) signed an enterprise-wide license agreement today that will enable 40,000 users to electronically sign thousands of standard government documents required by the U.S. Army Medical Department, the Department of the U.S. Army, and the Department of Defense. Using Silanis’s electronic approval and management software, ApproveIt™, more than 110 world wide locations will decrease the approval time and paper needed to process their mission critical operations which includes humanitarian assistance, peacekeeping, and day-to-day health care for soldiers, retired soldiers and their families.

On a typical day, the department handles 1,764 patient-occupied beds, 476 hospital admissions, 40,386 clinic visits, 41,400 dental procedures, 6,012 immunisations, 41,693 X-rays, 57,577 laboratory procedures, 66,942 pharmacy procedures, and inspects $21 million worth of food. The vast amount of paper documents needed to process the department’s operations and store the records is costly while procuring the signature approvals required to authorise the procedures is time-consuming.

“Silanis ApproveIt will streamline MEDCOM’s signature approvals using the same processes and documents they share with other government agencies,” said Tommy Petrogiannis, President of Silanis. “MEDCOM’s 40,000 users can electronically sign the thousands of document templates already created and in use today. Because ApproveIt doesn’t reengineer the approval process, business can continue as usual.”

ApproveIt’s native support for a wide variety of document creation tools and application-level support for PKI were important considerations for MEDCOM. While the majority of documents requiring electronic signatures will be used in forms created in JetForm FormFlow, ApproveIt will also be used to electronically sign documents created in other software applications, including Microsoft Word, and Excel.

Similarly critical was ApproveIt’s ability to intelligently authenticate multiple signatures in a sectional form. In the majority of government forms, multiple signers are required to fill in information and sign different sections of a form. With a typical electronic signature product, previously applied signatures would falsely be invalidated each time a new person adds information to his section and signs. That is because the technology used is programmed to detect all changes to a document. ApproveIt’s Intelligent Signature Technology™, on the other hand, recognizes when content needs to be added as part of the signing procedure and intelligently authenticates each signature according to what the person has signed, thus enabling the electronic process to continue without false invalidation.

“ApproveIt allows organizations to securely transfer their existing pen and paper approval processes into the electronic world with minimal effort,” added Petrogiannis. “ApproveIt meets users’ e-signing expectations and is the main reason Silanis products are the most widely used and trusted electronic document signing software on the market today.”

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Silanis Technology is the leading provider of solutions that automate the Business Approval Process. The company’s award winning desktop and server-based solutions leverage electronic signature and approval technology to achieve total automation. With over 1,000 customers across government, mortgage, auto finance, insurance, banking and FDA regulated industries, Silanis has over a decade of experience in developing and delivering solutions that work the way organizations do. Silanis' flagship customers include the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, US Army Medical Command, GMAC CM, and Stewart Title.

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