eSignLive Introduces New E-Signature Support For The WebSecure Web deployment now made easier and more cost effective

November 12, 2000

Comdex Fall, Las Vegas, Nevada – November 13, 2000 - Silanis Technology Inc., a leading provider of electronic signature and approval management software, today announced that its newly released ApproveIt™ Desktop 4.6 software will add e-signing support for Adobe Acrobat files within a Web browser to its long list of software support, and will enable signed data from an Acrobat form to be safely captured and imported into a database. These unique new features will make deploying a Web-based solution easier and more cost-effective by reducing the amount of time needed to publish and sign documents, eliminating unnecessary steps in the signing process, and minimizing electronic document storage requirements.

By providing e-signing capabilities for Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Business tools within a Web browser, ApproveIt™ Desktop 4.6 enables organizations to publish and e-sign their existing documents or new documents created in their software of choice. Without this feature, organizations wishing to capture multiple, legally binding signatures on the Web would have to recreate all their existing document templates in HTML or XML. The amount of development time and money that will be saved using ApproveIt™ Desktop 4.6 is significant considering that organizations typically standardize on hundreds of different document templates from sales contracts to invoices, purchase orders, and expense reports.

Another benefit of ApproveIt™ Desktop 4.6’s Web browser support for Adobe Acrobat and Business Tools is that it reduces the signing process down to one simple step. Previously when a user signed, the Adobe Acrobat program was launched separately – forcing users to sign outside of the Web browser environment, save the signed PDF file, and then submit it via e-mail. ApproveIt™ Desktop 4.6, on the other hand, enables individuals to sign and then submit their signature consent directly within the Web browser, thereby accelerating the overall signing process.

ApproveIt™ Desktop 4.6 also enables organizations to safely move to a database solution for storing signed Adobe Acrobat forms. Signed data fields can be extracted and imported into a database, sorted, and then regenerated in their original signing states when needed, while maintaining the authenticity of the electronic signature and signed data. Organizations can then also benefit from the reduced electronic storage requirements and increased cost savings that a database has to offer. Rather than storing each signed form as a separate file that includes the design template, the signed data and the electronic signature, organizations only need to store the data and signature, thereby significantly reducing the size of the overall information that needs to be stored.

ApproveIt™ Desktop 4.6’s new support for Adobe Acrobat and Business Tools enables organizations to quickly deploy a Web-based e-signing solution because it supports the way people work today,” said Tommy Petrogiannis, President of Silanis Technology, Inc. “Organizations can continue using the software they’re most comfortable with for creating new documents. They can securely sign documents that have already been created and are being used within the organization. And they can efficiently store signed data in a database with the peace of mind that it will remain authentic.”

ApproveIt™ Desktop 4.6 will begin shipping November 27, 2000. ApproveIt’s electronic signing and approval management capabilities are also available for Microsoft Word™, Microsoft Excel™, Microsoft Outlook™, JetForm FormFlow™ and PureEdge™.

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Founded in 1992, Silanis Technology Inc. develops ApproveIt, the industry's first and only multi-signature electronic approval management software. Over 400 organizations use Silanis products in government, business, insurance, medical, and health care sectors, including the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, TRW, Williams Group, Nationwide Insurance, and National City Bank. Silanis software is recognized for its mature feature set, security, ease-of-use, and simple integration.

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