eSignLive presents on Electronic Signatures at the 2005 AASHTO Document Management and Workflow Conference

October 16, 2005
Montreal, QC, October 17, 2005 — Silanis Technology, the industry’s most experienced electronic signature provider with more than two million government and commercial users, announced today that Tommy Petrogiannis, will present at the upcoming AASHTO Document Management and Workflow 2005 Conference in Kansas City, Kansas.  The session, Electronic Approval - The Cornerstone of ECM,  scheduled for Monday, October 17, 2005 at 9:00 AM, is part of the conference’s theme  of integrated workflow and content management – “The Bigger Picture”.

Approval automation is an integral component of any process automation initiative. Without it, processes will only be partially automated and will still be burdened by the inconvenience and cost of printing to paper whenever a signature is required. By eliminating the inefficiencies of paper and automating the transmission, review and signing of documents you will remove the last hurdle achieving end-to-end automation. Striking the right balance between technology and security is key to a successful implementation and requires understanding the differences and dependencies between PKI, digital certificates and electronic signatures.

Public key-enabled applications have become a core part of government processes. As a market leader in developing and delivering public key-enabled solutions, Silanis has helped many government departments remove the final hurdle and bring their business applications online while leveraging a public key infrastructure. At the same time, Silanis fulfills the requirement for reliable and auditable business records that demonstrate compliance with applicable laws, regulations, standards and organizational policies.

“The most common misconception we’ve seen is that a full PKI needs to be in place prior to implementing approval automation processes,” says Tommy Petrogiannis, president of Silanis. “The reality is that depending on the level of risk in a given business process as well as the nature of the process itself, different user authentication methods are appropriate.”

Customers across the state & local and federal government have implemented Silanis’ electronic signature solutions both within and outside of PKI environments. Silanis has government users ranging from departmental implementations through to enterprise-wide implementations, including an enterprise license with the US Army and the Kansas Department of Transportation

The presentation will outline the benefits and challenges that customers have experienced deploying public key-enabled electronic approval solutions and use real world examples to help illustrate the points made.

About Silanis

Founded in 1992, Silanis Technology Inc. is the largest and most experienced provider of electronic signature solutions. More than 1,100 government and commercial organizations, representing two million users, depend on Silanis’ solutions to accelerate operations, improve service, and reduce costs. The suite of solutions not only eliminates the inefficiencies of paper; it provides reliable and auditable business records needed to demonstrate compliance with applicable laws, regulations and policies.


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