eSignLive Provides Electronic Signatures to Speed Wire National Network

February 19, 2007

Montreal, QC, February 20, 2007 — Speed Wire Inc., a national telecommunications installation contractor whose major clients include Verizon, Nortel and Tommy Hilfiger, is one of the latest to benefit from Silanis' electronic signature software.

By using Silanis' electronic signature solution to sign internal documents, Speed Wire is able to automate its engineering and quality assurance processes. This solution increases business responsiveness by compressing approval cycles, from days and weeks to hours and minutes.

Companies that have integrated Silanis' ApproveIt® Desktop are able to maximize the full potential of their IT investments by enabling workflow processes to remain electronic even when signatures are required.

Silanis' electronic signature solutions also increase the enforceability of signed documents, by using digital signatures to securely combine the signer's intent with user authentication and data integrity.

Increased profitability is often a direct result of re-directing funds previously reserved for paper-related costs, such as printing, shipping, faxing, scanning and data re-keying.

A reduction in data entry-related errors is an additional benefit, with pre-populated documents eliminating the need to re-key information from signed documents into a database.

About Silanis

Founded in 1992, Silanis Technology Inc. is the largest and most experienced provider of electronic signature solutions. More than 1,100 government and commercial organizations, representing two million users, depend on Silanis' solutions to accelerate operations, improve service, and reduce costs.

The company's solutions not only eliminate the inefficiencies of paper, they provide reliable and auditable business records needed to demonstrate compliance with applicable laws, standards, regulations and policies.