Joint Chief of Staff Selects eSignLive Technology's Electronic Signature Software

August 31, 1997

Electronic Approval and Security Features of ApproveIt Prove Invaluable.

Montreal, QC Canada - September 1, 1997 — Today Silanis Technology announced that the United States Joint Chief of Staff (JCS), located at the Pentagon, Washington, D.C., have agreed to license for the entire department, covering 1500 users, the company's electronic signature software, ApproveIt™ for Office. A primary goal for the JCS has been to accelerate work process and to create an entirely paperless work environment for the organization's Joint Staff Action Processing Program (JSAP). Another objective, given the confidentiality and significance of many of the documents being created by the generals and directors of the department, has been to assure the security of signatures and authenticity of all online documentation.

"The JCS initially came to us with very specific needs," says Tommy Petrogiannis President of Silanis Technology. "They wanted an immediate, secure electronic signature solution, requiring little or no integration effort or training of key JCS personnel that work on strict deadlines. As the leading commercial off the shelf (COTS) electronic signature software product available on the market we were their first stop! Once ApproveIt was installed and tested it became evident to the JCS information systems specialists that all personnel would greatly benefit from a department wide roll out."

"The final hurdle in the JCS paperless action processing system was to provide the highest echelons of Staff with a means to securely hand sign documents electronically. ApproveIt provided us with that capability. The savings in man-hours involved has been substantial." says Lieutenant Commander Chris Agan, JCS. All JCS action requests, documents and forms are now being created in MS-Office and electronically signed and authenticated with ApproveIt. The entire JCS organization are benefiting from the cost and time savings associated with a paperless work environment. ApproveIt's signature security, document authentication, and approval automation capabilities are now an invaluable addition to the JCS's day to day work processes.

ApproveIt for Office is the leading commercial off the shelf (COTS) electronic signature software product available on the market today. The software was developed to aid corporations in their efforts to meet rigorous automation and security standards outlined by federal and legal associations. ApproveIt enables users to electronically sign common electronic documents while securing their content as original and insuring that signatures are valid only in these authentic originals. Signatures embedded in the document, by the software's sophisticated encryption technology, create a single document file with secure, inseparable signatures. Users of the software also benefit from significant automation functions which speed and simplify the approval process - even in the most complex documents, forms and spreadsheets requiring multiple signatures and associated signature data updating.

For customers with custom applications the ApproveIt Toolkit is available for $1995 US plus $99 US per runtime license. It can be used to add electronic signatures and approval automation to electronic documents in TIFF and PDF, database applications, electronic forms, among other applications. The Toolkit supports : Windows 3.1x, Windows '95 and Windows NT platforms and supplies a set of API's bundled in a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) which can support any programming language to make integration a straight forward procedure.

About Silanis

Founded in 1992, Silanis Technology Inc. develops ApproveIt, the industry's first and only multi-signature electronic approval management software. Over 400 organizations use Silanis products in government, business, insurance, medical, and health care sectors, including the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, TRW, Williams Group, Nationwide Insurance, and National City Bank. Silanis software is recognized for its mature feature set, security, ease-of-use, and simple integration.