Joint Cloud Service from eSignLive and IBM Now Available: Signature Mortgage Corporation and RealConnections Sign On

April 13, 2010

Silanis also announces free 30-day trial of e-SignLive for IBM LotusLive

Montreal, QC, April 14, 2010  - Silanis Technology, the leader in electronic signatures, today announced that its e-SignLive™, online e-signature services are now available as part of the IBM LotusLive business collaboration and social networking solution. For a limited time, organizations can sign up for a free 30-day trial of the collaborative e-commerce services at where they can then invite customers and business partners to review and sign a wide variety of business documents electronically.

“In today’s global economy, online collaboration is critical for conducting e-commerce,” said Robert Al-Jaar, Executive Vice President and CTO of Silanis. LotusLive and e-SignLive bring organizations and their customers and partners together in a secure and compliant online environment where they can negotiate and execute business agreements from anywhere in the world. Silanis’ e-SignLive services provide the missing link for keeping transactions electronic and staying online when signatures are required.”

The value provided by the combined IBM and Silanis services is a “difference maker” according to Bob Catlin, President of Signature Mortgage Corporation, a mortgage provider based in Canton, Ohio and beta customer of e-SignLive for LotusLive.

 “As a small regional mortgage company, Signature Mortgage doesn’t have the IT resources needed to maintain a web site that gives customers the ability to review and sign mortgage applications online from the convenience of their homes and offices,” said Catlin.

“The e-SignLive and LotusLive services give us a competitive edge by improving customer experience and retention, and enabling us to compete in this market where low rates alone aren’t enough to win new business.”

The e-SignLive services eliminate the need to print, fax, ship, hand-sign, return, verify and scan paper documents, thereby significantly reducing the time and cost to process business documents, such as mortgage and insurance applications, procurement contracts, non-disclosure agreements, M&A agreements, and employee and customer on-boarding documents.

Moreover, they enable companies like Signature Mortgage to capture new customers and close business as soon as people are ready to sign, thereby reducing “shop around” risks.

The services also produce stronger legal evidence than hand-signed, paper documents – especially important for industries involving high-value or high-risk transactions.

 “The e-SignLive and LotusLive combination is an easy sell for our clients in the real estate, notary and accounting fields,” said Erik Vos, founder of RealConnections, a Netherlands-based reseller and beta customer of e-SignLive for LotusLive.

“Our clients’ businesses are built on highly regulated and cumbersome processes that are designed to ensure people sign the right documents at the right time using the right process. The e-SignLive and LotusLive services not only shave time from these processes by eliminating many manual steps, they also capture extensive electronic evidence to prove that legal contracts were executed correctly.”

The services capture and reproduce the entire online process from beginning to end, demonstrating compliance with business, legal and regulatory requirements. This includes all web pages, documents and disclosures that were presented to each person; how long each person spent reviewing the information, and what each person accepted, signed, initialled or agreed to.

The e-SignLive services are fully integrated with the IBM LotusLive platform to provide a simple, efficient and cost-effective solution for signing a wide variety of business documents online. The e-SignLive services include e-SignDoc™ and e-SignRoom™.

e-SignDoc enables multiple people to electronically sign one document at a time, while e-SignRoom extends the capabilities of e-SignDoc enabling multiple LotusLive subscribers to e-sign multiple documents. e-SignRoom also provides a dashboard that enables the monitoring and tracking of the pending and completed e-SignRooms.

 To sign up for a free 30-day trial, have your administrator enable the e-SignLive online e-signing service by visiting  If you would like to register for the select e-SignRoom beta program, please send an email to [email protected].
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