NW_19990928_en_VASCO Lowers Total Cost of Ownership for Network Security with Introduction of VACMAN Optimum

September 28, 1999

OAKBROOK TERRACE, IL, and BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – (September 28, 1999) – Responding to the needs of today’s businesses to provide secure remote access while controlling costs, VASCO Data Security International, Inc. (OTCBB: VDSI.OB) announced today that it has released VACMAN® Optimum. For the first time, network and security administrators can now take control over every aspect of their strong user authentication infrastructure.

VACMAN Optimum makes it possible for companies to:

-Instantly program or reprogram authentication devices for internal and external users. This means that if a new employee joins the company, a Digipass™ authentication device can be programmed and issued to that employee the day they start work – instead of waiting weeks or months while a security vendor or its reseller processes the request. Companies gain "no-gaps" security at a lower cost, since even a beginning programmer can issue devices in just a few minutes.

-Implement and manage PIN codes at no extra cost. PIN codes are an absolute requirement for securing a remote user’s authentication device, yet many companies fail to protect their users’ devices with PIN’s due to the high cost of managing forgotten or shared PIN numbers. VACMAN Optimum changes all that by giving network and security administrators the tools they need to easily and securely manage PIN’s, on-site or remotely. The result is better security, better user-friendliness, and far less management time and costs.

-Maintain a stock of authentication devices for greater flexibility, better pricing, and quick implementation. Because Digipass devices are purchased outright rather than "rented," they can be used by a company for the life of the device. For the Digipass Series 300, 600, and 700, this is 7-10 years. Thus if an employee leaves the company, their Digipass can be reprogrammed quickly and easily, and delivered to a different employee. This also means that Digipass authentication devices can be ordered in bulk to obtain better upfront pricing and a ready store of devices – unlike some authentication products that must be purchased and repurchased in small amounts as batches "expire."

"VACMAN Optimum is a breakthrough solution that puts control over security where it belongs – in the hands of our customers or their trusted security integration partners," stated Mario Houthooft, President and CEO of VASCO Data Security. "Combined with our award-winning technology, it now doesn’t just make security sense to choose VASCO – it makes sound fiscal and management sense as well."

VACMAN Optimum consists of VACMAN RADIUS Server 4.5 -- the newest release of VASCO’s Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting server – together with VACMAN Programmer 1.0, several Digipass 300 authentication devices, and VASCO’s unique Administrator Digipass.

"We expect VACMAN Optimum to give us a tremendous edge in selling strong authentication solutions," noted Edwin Ingelaere of Telindus, a VASCO reseller which beta-tested the solution. "It’s exactly what our customers have been asking for in terms of better remote access security with less management and less cost. And because VACMAN Optimum contains everything you need to evaluate a better way of managing secure remote access, we expect many companies to test it – even if they are using a competing strong authentication solution."

Like all VASCO technology, VACMAN Optimum is based on widely accepted protocols and standards for easier integration, scalability, and affordability. VACMAN Optimum sells worldwide beginning at US $5,840 (5,600 euro), including all client software.

About VASCO Data Security

VASCO Data Security, a U.S. corporation, secures access to information and applications for financial institutions, corporations, and government agencies in more than 50 countries around the world. With over 2.75 million Digipass™ security devices sold, VASCO Data Security is now the number one provider of strong authentication solutions to the banking industry, and number two overall. Today, more than 130 banks and financial institutions rely on VASCO Data Security to secure their Internet, PC, and phone banking applications. For more information, call VASCO’s U.S. headquarters at 1.800.238.2726, its European headquarters at +32, or visit www.vasco.com.

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