NW_20000911_en_Internet Week Online, September 11, 2000_ "Network Security — Fingerprints For Novell"

September 11, 2000

Novell Modular Authentication Service Enterprise Edition (NMAS EE) is part of a new extensible network authentication product line that provides enhanced security and flexibility for the enterprise network.

Supporting multiple forms of graded user authentication to Novell Directory Services (NDS), NMAS EE permits the network administrator to combine any number of passwords, tokens, biometric devices and X.509 certificates to control access to specific data and applications by users. Each user's login sequence identifies the separate authentication methods he/she must use in order to authenticate to NDS and gain network access.

In this review, we set out to test the security, reliability, flexibility and ease of use that NMAS EE offers. In addition to NMAS EE, we also tested the Key Tronic Secure Desktop Scanner and VASCO Digipass 300.