NW_20001006_en_TelekomNet, October 6, 2000_ "VASCO launches new server to compete with RSA"

October 6, 2000

VASCO is taking on RSA with the launch of a new server that provides continual access to data and processes but blocks unauthorized access to confidential files.

The SnareWorks SecureServer 2.0 works as a transparent authentication layer between users, corporate networks, web servers and applications through use of VASCO's Digipass authentication program.

An authentication system is incorporated in the server, competing with RSA's ACE Server, which now includes an authentication program and VPN capabilities.

The centralized authentication process works across all network components, including remote access networks, local area networks, firewalls and routers, among others in this hot market.
"Our corporate network security business is already growing at more than 100 percent annually," said Jan Valcke, general manager for VASCO's Digipass.

SecureServer's beta testing was conducted by four VASCO resellers: Bynet, Q&I, Telindus and Ubizen.

This is the latest addition to the SnareWorks security software line.