NW_20010305_en_Financial Technology Weekly, March 5, 2001_ “SouthTrust chooses VASCO and Identikey for e-banking"

March 5, 2001

SouthTrust Corporation, the US-based financial institution, has selected VASCO and Identikey to provide a security solution for its Internet cash management services. The bank is currently drawing on the two companies’ integrated security solution to protect Internet wire transfers for its commercial customers, and plans to include Web-based Automated Clearing House transactions in the near future.

The bank states that its cash management services are available to its customers from anywhere in the world via any computer with Internet access and a web browser, and their individually programmed Digipass 300 for user authentication. Once customers have been authenticated using their Digipass, the Identikey software grants them access only to the applications and resources on the system to which they have access privileges