NW_20010607_en_Global Branding Strengthens VASCO’s AAA Security Software Strategy

June 7, 2001

OAKBROOK TERRACE, Illinois and BRUSSELS, Belgium – June 7, 2001 – VASCO (Nasdaq NM & Nasdaq Europe: VDSI; www.vasco.com) today announced a global branding of its expanding Digipass® and VACMAN® authentication, authorization, and administration (AAA) security software product lines, driven by rapidly increasing market demand. According to International Data Corporation, worldwide revenue for the AAA security software market will grow at a 28% compound annual growth rate, reaching $7.7 billion by 2004. In 2001, VASCO expects to introduce more security software products than it has in the previous three years combined, thanks to the greatly expanded R&D capabilities the company has added over the previous 18 months.

VASCO’s Digipass and VACMAN families of security software account for millions of users accessing corporate and government networks, intranets, and extranets to conduct secure online banking and brokerage transactions, share sensitive information while protecting that information from unauthorized use, and safeguard their own sensitive information and personal identities. The Company’s significantly expanded product pipeline is translating into increasingly ubiquitous yet transparent security, giving people and organizations the freedom of using any platform, any operating system, and any communications mechanism to securely conduct their personal and professional business.

VASCO’s Digipass software, either on VASCO’s own platforms or on other platforms such as PDA’s and mobile phones, is trusted by over 500 corporations and government agencies worldwide. Digipass is the most widely used security product in the banking industry for securely identifying users and digitally signing transactions with almost six million users at more than 160 leading banks. VACMAN security software is used by corporations, financial institutions, and government agencies to gain true, secure single sign-on (SSO) and AAA security across web, client/server, LAN, enterprise, and legacy environments. The SnareWorks and Identikey product families become VACMAN under the global branding.

“Both Digipass and VACMAN have established strong brand equity around the world for delivering superior, strong security products with low total cost of ownership,” noted Stephen Axel, VASCO’s Chief Marketing Officer. “With the continuing addition of new security software, our global branding strategy allows us to position our products with a more powerful, concise message for all of our targeted markets and audiences."

VASCO secures the enterprise from the mainframe to the Internet with infrastructure solutions that enable secure e-business and e-commerce, protect sensitive information, and safeguard the identity of users. The Company's family of Digipass® and VACMAN® products offers end-to-end security through strong authentication and digital signature, true and secure Single Sign-On, access control, and web portal, LAN, and enterprise security, while sharply reducing the time and effort required to deploy and manage security. VASCO's customers include hundreds of financial institutions, blue-chip corporations, and government agencies in more than 50 countries. More information is available at www.vasco.com.

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