NW_20020710_en_Leading Indonesian Bank, PT. Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) Secures Trust and Value of its Customers and Employees with VASCO’s Digipass and VACMAN Products

July 10, 2002

OAKBROOK TERRACE, Ill., BRUSSELS, Belgium and JAKARTA, Indonesia, July 10, 2002 -- VASCO Data Security International, Inc. (Nasdaq NM and Nasdaq Europe: VDSI: www.vasco.com ), a global provider of enterprise-wide security products that support e-business and e-commerce and BCA, the leading Indonesian financial institution (www.klikbca.com ), today announced that BCA will use VASCO’s Digipass 250 and VACMAN Programmer to allow the bank’s customers and employees to securely perform online transactions. BCA has ordered over 300 000 units of Digipass Pro 250. Both parties came to this agreement thanks to the invaluable support of VASCO’s partner Phintraco.

BCA is the largest retail bank in Indonesia, with over 8 million customers. The bank has developed an extensive array of online applications, including an Internet banking system. BCA will offer Digipass Pro 250 to the users of its online banking system, allowing them to perform transactions in a secure and easy way. In addition, BCA will distribute Digipass to its employees, in order to give them safe remote access to the bank’s internal network in conjunction with VASCO’s VACMAN Controller that will be installed on the server side.

“We are very pleased that BCA, one of Asia’s leading banks, has chosen our products to secure the assets of its customers and employees,” said Jan Valcke, VASCO’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “This contract means a major breakthrough in Asia Pacific, a region of the utmost importance for VASCO.”

“To BCA, security is a crucial part of our offering to our customers,” said Darius Wanardi, IT General Manager of BCA. “VASCO’s products can and will play an important role in the further growth of our Internet banking system. One of our most important assets is the public’s trust in BCA for the safekeeping of their funds. With VASCO’s Digipass and VACMAN we make sure that the assets of our customers are duly secured.”

About Digipass Pro 250
The Digipass Pro 250 opens the door to a no-nonsense, flexible security environment. With its hand fitting design and a keypad that has been reduced to the strict minimum, a user can handle and understand it in minutes. This means that the need for a manual is practically zero and customer calls to the helpdesk will also be minimal. Hence the Digipass Pro 250 is the ideal password protected personal identification device for situations where speed of rollout and cost-efficiency are crucial.

About VACMAN Controller
VACMAN® Controller can reliably secure any part of a network without requiring changes to the existing applications. Simply link VACMAN Controller to the application, and it automatically handles login requests from any users authorized to have a Digipass® token.

VASCO secures the enterprise from the mainframe to the Internet with infrastructure solutions that enable secure e-business and e-commerce, protect sensitive information, and safeguard the identity of users. The Company's family of Digipass® and VACMAN® products offers end-to-end security through strong authentication, digital signature, network Single Sign-On, and Radius, LAN and Web security, while sharply reducing the time and effort required to deploy and manage security. VASCO's customers include hundreds of financial institutions, blue-chip corporations, and government agencies in more than 50 countries. More information is available at www.vasco.com.

About BCA
Established as Bank Central Asia NV on February 21st 1957, right in Jakarta's Commercial Center, Bank Central Asia (BCA) then followed a sustained growth, and in 1977 BCA obtained its foreign exchange license. The bank's progress was also evident in its increasing assets, which rose from Rp 36.10 trillion in 1996 to Rp 53.36 trillion by the end of December 1997. Though, in 1998, the bank experienced a rush that led the bank's total suffered a temporary drop. However, at the end of December 1998, the figure rebounded to Rp 67.93 trillion, which surpassed the December 1997 level. While at the end of December 1999, it stood at Rp 96.45 trillion.
One of the bank's most important assets is the public's trust in BCA for the safekeeping of their funds.
BCA grew to become the largest retail bank in Indonesia, as shown by the number of its customers amounting to 7.7 million individuals and 300 thousand companies as of August 1999. And from these 8 million customers of BCA, over 5 million are already holders of the ATM/Debit BCA Card.
This impressive performance has led BCA to successfully emerge from IBRA supervisions, in April 15, 2000. And now, its status is no longer Bank Take Over (BTO). The achievement provided a basis for BCA's strategic move as it decides to go public.
The bank maintains a perfect balance between the profits earned and the service rendered to the customers. Guarding the customers' trust, BCA is ever ready to enter the era of globalization, and meet the new millennium.

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