NW_20031014_en_Telecom Geneva_ VASCO Launches Digipass for Sony Ericsson P800

October 14, 2003

Telecom Geneva - SWITZERLAND – October 14, 2003 – VASCO (Nasdaq: VDSI; www.vasco.com), a global provider of enterprise-wide security products that support e-business and e-commerce, announced today that it has launched Digipass for Sony Ericsson P800, a software strong user authentication product to be installed on Sony Ericsson’s mobile smart phone P800.

VASCO’s Digipass for P800 allows users of Sony Ericsson’s mobile smart phone to add remote strong user authentication with one-time passwords and/or challenge/response to the already impressive array of applications active on their smart phone. The installation and activation process is very easy. The end user can install the Digipass software on his P800 in a couple of minutes time, by connecting his smart phone to and downloading the Digipass software from his PC. An activation code is later introduced into the P800 via its keypad.

Digipass for P800 completes the range of mobile phone enabled Digipass software products. Earlier, VASCO launched Digipass for SIM, a strong user authentication product to be put on a mobile phone’s SIM card and Digipass Authentication Server, a server based Digipass product sending one-time passwords to the end user via a text message.

About VASCO: VASCO designs, develops, markets and supports patented strong user authentication products for e-business and e-commerce. VASCO’s strong user authentication software is delivered via its Digipass security products, small “calculator” hardware devices carried by an end user, or in a software format on mobile phones, other portable devices, and PCs. For user access control, VASCO’s VACMAN products guarantee that only designated Digipass users get access to the application. VASCO’s target markets are the applications and their several hundred million users that utilize fixed passwords as security. VASCO’s time-based system generates a “one-time” password that changes with every use, and is virtually impossible to hack, or break. With 10 million Digipass products sold and ordered, VASCO has established itself as a world-leader for strong user authentication with over 220 international financial institutions, approximately 1200 blue-chip corporations, and governments representing more than 60 countries.

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