NW_20051116_en_CARTES - (Paris- FRANCE) - VASCO and SAB2i Announce Solution Partnership

November 16, 2005

OAKBROOK TERRACE, Ill., and BRUSSELS, Belgium, November 16, 2005 - VASCO Data Security International, Inc. (NASDAQ: VDSI) (www.vasco.com), the global number one vendor of strong user authentication products to the financial sector, today announced that Digipass will be integrated into SAB2i’s (www.sab-tm.com) Internet banking solution. As a result, SAB2i customers will be able to enjoy Phishing-free e-banking.

VASCO’s VACMAN Controller and Digipass authentication products have been natively integrated into SAB, SAB2i’s Banking ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).
This means that there is no need for a third-party authentication server. New or existing SAB customers will be able to add Digipass strong authentication to their system by uploading the Digipass secrets into VASCO’s VACMAN Controller and rolling out the soft or hardware Digipass to the end-users.

“By partnering with SAB2i, we have brought Digipass two-factor authentication to SAB’s customers,” said Jan Valcke, VASCO’s President & COO. “We are convinced that due to this cooperation, more banks will offer Digipass to their customers in France, other French overseas areas, and other geographies.

“Banks need the Internet to be extremely secure before offering Internet Banking to their customers without being scared of fraud attempts from hackers,” said Patrick Fourlinnie, SAB2i’s Head of Department of New Technologies.
“We looked for technical solutions guaranteeing a high level of security for our customers. We opted for VASCO’s Digipass because it is easy to use, reliable and highly secure. Beside the quality of the solution itself, we appreciate the ease of integration of Digipass. VASCO gave us all the support needed for the full integration.”

About VASCO: VASCO designs, develops, markets and supports patented user authentication products for the financial world, remote access, e-business and e-commerce. VASCO’s user authentication software is delivered via its Digipass hardware and software security products. With over 18 million Digipass products sold and delivered, VASCO has established itself as a world-leader for strong User Authentication with over 420 international financial institutions and approximately 2,000 blue-chip corporations and governments located in more than 100 countries.

About SAB2i:
SAB Ingénierie Informatique (SAB2i) is editor of SAB’s banking ERP. The software is installed in more than 100 institutions, mainly in France, but also in the ex-French overseas territories, Africa, Middle-East and Pacific (more than 20 countries). The company, together with regional partners, is developing new markets today such as Southern Europe, Russia and China. The software can easily be used by any type of bank thanks to its great possibility of adjustment, and richness of the functions, for any kind of front office, back-office and in-between functions. SAB offers great tools against bank risks such as “operational” and “credit-linked” risks. SAB is compliant with the new International Banking regulations (Bâle II, IFRS, AML, Sarbanes Oxley,…).
For information, please visit: www.sab-tm.com

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