March 6, 2007

OAKBROOK TERRACE, Ill., and BRUSSELS, Belgium, March 06, 2007 - VASCO Data Security International, Inc. (Nasdaq: VDSI) (www.vasco.com), the leading software security company specializing in authentication products, today announced that the Huntington National Bank of Columbus, Ohio,(www.huntington.com ) is now protecting its business users with VASCO’s Digipass GO 3 and VACMAN Controller strong authentication.

Starting November 2006, all new business customers who use Huntington Business Online web site to manage their funds, are required to use Digipass Go3. For existing business customers, the rollout of Digipass started October 2006 and will be completed April 2007. Digipass GO3 is a lightweight strong user authentication device, specifically designed for the large-volume banking market. GO3 is extremely easy to use - with a simple touch of a button, it generates a unique one-time password that cannot be hacked or compromised. In combination with a company ID, user ID, and user password, Digipass GO3 provides a new level of security to Huntington online banking customers by protecting them from online fraud and ID theft. In addition, Digipass GO3 is enabled with its host authentication functionality which allows the user to verify the authenticity of the host, the ultimate weapon against phishing.

VASCO’s core technology, VACMAN Controller, supports a wide array of client authentication products, hard- and software Digipass, certificates and USB products and password technologies such as TAN and scratch list. Once a company has integrated VACMAN Controller for the first application, it can pick the right type of VASCO client authentication product for each customer segment. This unique à la carte authentication offering is one of VASCO’s great assets and a huge competitive advantage.

“We want to applaud the decision of Huntington, a bank that recognized the importance of protecting their business users against fraud with VASCO’s strong authentication,” said Jan Valcke, VASCO’s President and COO. “In a couple of month’s time, Huntington changed from a bank with no two-factor security to one that progressively integrated VACMAN Controller at the log-in level for every corporate user. We are convinced that their application will be successful and well received by their business account holders.”

“We opted for VASCO because of the company’s track record and the flexibility and quality of VACMAN Controller,” said Pam Erickson, Vice President and Online Channel Group Manager for Huntington. “As a leading regional bank, we believe it is our duty to give our online users best-of-breed protection against phishing and other fraud schemes. With VASCO’s products, we are well-armed to secure our customers without jeopardizing ease of use and convenience.”

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