Signature Mortgage Shares Its David and Goliath Success Story at IBM Lotusphere 2011

January 31, 2011
Montreal, QC, February 1, 2011 -Signature Mortgage, a small Ohio-based mortgage provider, took center stage at this year’s

 IBM Lotusphere event to discuss how it is now going head-to-head with large national players thanks to e-SignLive™, an electronic signature service from Silanis Technology, which has been integrated with IBM LotusLive. “Over 90% of our customers now review and sign mortgage documents electronically over the web using e-SignLive,” said Bob Catlin, founder and CEO of Signature Mortgage. “We’re getting signed applications back in as little as 30 minutes and sending customers to the closing room within 25 days compared to the industry average 45 to 60 days, which means we actually honor our rate quotes to customers.” Mr. Catlin shared the stage with IBM and executives from other IBM client companies during Tuesday’s LotusLive strategy session, and participated in a panel discussion during an analyst session on cloud computing on the same day. He also shared the many tangible and intangible benefits that moving to a paperless mortgage process is providing his organization during his one-hour presentation on how to gain a competitive edge in the mortgage industry.

“Having worked for one of the largest online mortgage originators early on in my career, I saw the immediate impact that electronic signatures had on the bottom line,” added Catlin. “However, the benefits for us at Signature Mortgage far exceeded my initial expectations.”

In addition to seeing loan volumes increase by 34% and processing costs cut by 85%, Catlin saw the effect the technology had on customers and staff.

 “e-SignLive™improved the morale of our loan officers. They believed that they could compete with the national mortgage providers, and so they were more confident when speaking with customers and closing business.”Customers, on the other hand, felt that they had made the right decision choosing

 Signature Mortgage when they saw how quick, easy, and smooth their application process was, and that their rate quote was being honored at closing time, said Catlin.

“We’ve actually had customers send us unsolicited emails saying how impressed they were with the technology, and that they were going to recommend us to their family and friends.”

Key to enabling

 Signature Mortgage to move to paperless processing was the cloud offering by Silanis and IBM. Unlike the large online mortgage originator that Bob previously worked with, Signature Mortgage did not have the infrastructure, budget or IT resources to deploy an on-premises, enterprise solution. The integrated e-SignLive™ and LotusLive services enabled Signature Mortgage to be up and running within 48 hours without having to purchase, integrate, deploy or maintain any hardware or software. As a subscription based service, Loan officers can invite customers to e-sign documents over the web at no extra charge. About Signature Mortgage Corporation Signature Mortgage Corporation was founded in 1996 and is now one of Ohio's and Florida's fastest growing mortgage companies. We have quickly established a reputation for providing creative, low cost, and hassle-free mortgage solutions. Over the years, Signature Mortgage has closed over 2 billion dollars in residential mortgages throughout Ohio and Florida. Thousands of families have placed their trust and confidence with Signature Mortgage. We employ 12 highly talented and seasoned professionals at our corporate headquarters in Canton, Ohio. Our degree of expertise is simply unsurpassed in the industry. About Silanis Silanis' solutions have processed hundreds of millions of e-signatures since the company was founded in 1992 (50 million in 2010 alone), making it the most widely used e-signature solution. The world’s largest insurance and financial services companies, government agencies, and service providers depend on Silanis to accelerate business transactions and reduce costs while improving compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. The company’s on-premise, cloud and SaaS e-signature solutions eliminate manual, paper-based processing to enable e-commerce and e-government transactions to be executed fully electronically from start to finish.