Springleaf Improves Customer Service, Reaches New Customers Using eSignLive E-Signatures

April 28, 2013
MONTREAL, QC, April 29, 2013

– Silanis, the leader in enterprise electronic signature solutions with over 600 million documents processed annually, announced today that its customer, Springleaf Financial Services, has gone live with the company’s e-signature solution e-Sign Enterprise™. With the addition of Silanis’ e-signature solution to the online loan application, Springleaf has been able to expand its capabilities to reach existing and new customers outside of its traditional branch footprint and support doing business outside of normal business hours. “The convenience of e-transactions has been important for customers looking to complete a loan transaction quickly. Silanis e-signatures enable us to do just that,” said Springleaf Financial Services Vice President Rick Folgmann. Folgmann is the head of the newly formed Central Internet Group and is tasked with retaining current customers outside of the branch footprint as well as obtaining new customers via the internet channel.  “Accomplishing our growth strategy can only be achieved by providing the ability to close loans electronically. Silanis’ on-premise solution allowed us to integrate their product with our current loan processing system,” continued Folgmann. “Springleaf is differentiating itself in a competitive fiscal environment by offering improved customer service to its current customers and giving them a compelling reason to do repeat business. Customers are rewarding organizations like Springleaf with new business based on convenience and channel preference,” said Silanis CEO and co-founder Tommy Petrogiannis. In this competitive win, Silanis’ established relationships with the top North American banks and extensive electronic evidence were deciding factors in Springleaf’s decision. E-signature implementations in these high-profile financial organizations proved to Springleaf that Silanis’ e-signature solution had been tested in high-value, high-risk situations. About Silanis Silanis is the most widely used e-signature solution in the world, responsible for processing more than 600 million documents annually and 100,000 transactions per day. Founded in 1992, Silanis’ solutions e-Sign Enterprise and e-SignLive enable thousands of organizations, including four of the top 10 North American banks, eight of the top 15 insurance companies and the entire US Army to accelerate business transactions, improve customer experience and reduce costs while improving compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Silanis provides the most flexible deployment options with its on-premise, cloud and SaaS e-signature solutions, eliminating manual, paper-based processing and enabling e-commerce and e-government transactions to be electronically executed from start to finish. For more information, please visit www.silanis.com.