Back-to-back awards for OneSpan India’s work securing the financial sector   

David Clark,

When it comes to fintech, each of compliance, security, and ease of use is a complex issue in its own right. When they intersect, as they do in India’s rapidly growing fintech sector, navigating the complexity requires partnerships of expertise. 

This was reflected by OneSpan’s recent back-to-back awards, both given in recognition of important guidance and technological innovation in India’s financial and banking sectors. 

At the India CISO Summit & Awards 2022 event last month, OneSpan received the 2022 award for Cyber Security Champion of the Year. At the same time, OneSpan was the recipient of the Best Tech Brand 2022 award from The Economic Times India, in a category that reflects vision and innovation in the sector. The event highlighted the potential and scope of the IT industry in augmenting industry productivity and economic growth while enabling improved governance.  

Both awards were conferred to OneSpan in the context of our close work with banks and financial institutions to help them comply with security guidelines defined by governing bodies, including the Reserve Bank of India, as well as the National Payment Corporation of India.  

“This landmark achievement is a testament to our focus on helping financial institutions improve their security in tandem with simplified digital customer experiences,” said Pinakin Dave, OneSpan’s Country Manager (India & SAARC). “These are really the essential ingredients for baking trust into digital agreements.”  

“These awards mark the importance of India as a territory for OneSpan, as well as our commitment to serving the region," added Daren Leong, OneSpan’s Sales & Managing Director APAC. 

OneSpan provides solutions and guidance to India’s largest financial institutions, including all of the country’s top 5 banks. OneSpan works closely with financial institutions to assist them in meeting Digital Payment Security Controls (DPSC) as defined by the Reserve Bank of India. OneSpan is also actively helping financial institutions secure their mobile banking apps with solutions including Mobile Application Shielding and the Mobile Security Suite, designed to optimize customers’ mobile experiences, protect personal data, and reduce fraud with state-of-the-art authentication, mobile application security, and e-signatures

OneSpan continues to facilitate the efforts of financial institutions focusing on compliance, security, and ease of use, as demonstrated by the recent release of the OneSpan Virtual Room, which enables them to virtually recreate the impact of face-to-face business, securely and flexibly. 


David Clark is a Senior Content Writer at OneSpan, with almost two decades of experience in the high-tech sector as a content creator and marketer. David graduated with a BA in Creative Writing.