Workforce security: Introducing DIGIPASS FX1 BIO

Sarah Van De Vyver,

The world is changing, and so is the way we work. Hybrid working has become an essential aspect of modern work culture. The ability to work from anywhere has allowed businesses to expand their reach and hire talented individuals worldwide. At the same time, it has also given way to a more complex and vulnerable digital workspace vulnerable to cyber threats.

These vulnerabilities have led to increased data breaches, many of which are traceable to human error or sophisticated social engineering tactics. The 2023 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) states that 83% of breaches were perpetrated by external actors. And of these breaches, 49% involved the use of stolen credentials.

As a result, the significance of having strong cybersecurity measures in place has increased significantly. As companies adapt to this new reality, it has become essential to safeguard sensitive corporate data against cyber threats, calling for the development of innovative solutions to tackle the challenge.

OneSpan's DIGIPASS FX1 BIO authentication device is a prime example of such an innovation, addressing the unique challenges of hybrid work environments with its phishing-resistant, passwordless authentication technology.

DIGIPASS FX1 BIO: Phishing-resistant, passwordless solution

The core feature of DIGIPASS FX1 BIO is its passwordless biometric authentication, utilizing fingerprint recognition. This approach simplifies the authentication process and significantly reduces the risk associated with password-based security, where passwords can be weak, forgotten, or stolen. All while offering a streamlined user experience with hassle-free authentication that works seamlessly across various platforms thanks to the device's different connectivity options.

The ease of use is crucial in ensuring compliance and adoption by users who might be intimidated by complex security procedures. The solution also helps to remove the frustration of multiple identity verification steps or resetting passwords, which impacts productivity. According to Beyond Identity, $480 worth of productivity is lost each year per employee in time spent resetting passwords. All that time quickly adds up.

DIGIPASS FX1 BIO uses public-key cryptography. This feature ensures that even if an employee is tricked into visiting a spoofed website, authentication will not proceed if the public key on the organization's server doesn't match the private key on the device. It is an intelligent way to add an extra layer of security in a world where attackers prey on human vulnerabilities and trickery is becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Challenges in securing workforces

Phishing and account takeover threats are a major concern for organizations. As Gartner predicts a rise in passwordless authentication solutions, the focus shifts to the human element in cybersecurity. The truth is, no matter how advanced a security system is, it is only as strong as its weakest link, which often turns out to be human susceptibility to deception. There are three key challenges remote workers and employers face that DIGIPASS FX1 BIO addresses:

Challenge 1: The need for a user-friendly authentication solution
A primary challenge for organizations is ensuring that security measures are manageable for employees. Robust authentication processes are crucial but should allow workflow and productivity. Employees need a secure yet user-friendly solution that will enable them to focus on their work without being delayed by complex security protocols.

DIGIPASS FX1 BIO Solution: DIGIPASS FX1 BIO addresses this concern by offering a streamlined, efficient authentication process. Its passwordless, biometric-based approach simplifies security, reducing employees' time and effort on authentication. This balance of security and convenience ensures that employees remain productive and engaged without compromising security.

Challenge 2: Maintaining consistent security protocols
Today’s work environment involves a mix of company-owned and personal devices, with many employees reluctant to install company apps on their personal phones. This diversity in device usage presents a significant challenge in maintaining consistent security protocols.

DIGIPASS FX1 BIO Solution: DIGIPASS FX1 BIO, as a dedicated security device, is an effective response to this challenge. By issuing a hardware token, an organization can provide a single, manageable authenticator that functions across various devices. This universality ensures that security is maintained uniformly across different platforms, alleviating the organization's and its employees' concerns about installing company software on personal devices.

Challenge 3: Vulnerabilities of one-time passwords
Traditional Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) methods, including One-Time Password (OTP) generators, are increasingly vulnerable to sophisticated phishing attacks. Fraudsters can trick users into sharing their OTPs, rendering traditional methods less effective.

DIGIPASS FX1 BIO Solution: DIGIPASS FX1 BIO offers a more secure alternative. Its phishing-resistant technology ensures the authentication process cannot be subverted even if such impersonation tactics target a user. By relying on biometric verification and public-key cryptography, it closes the loopholes fraudsters exploit in traditional MFA systems.

Enhancing user experience and operational efficiency

DIGIPASS FX1 BIO’s compatibility with FIDO means it's ready to use straight out of the box. This plug-and-play functionality significantly reduces setup and implementation costs, a boon for any organization looking to tighten its cybersecurity without inflating its budget.

By doing away with passwords, DIGIPASS FX1 BIO improves security and reduces operational burdens. Eliminating password resets and related help desk tasks translates to significant cost savings and a smoother operational flow.

Meeting future security needs and compliance

OneSpan's commitment to future-ready technology is evident in DIGIPASS FX1 BIO. Its adaptability to upcoming technologies, backed by Fast Identity Online (FIDO), ensures it will remain relevant. FIDO's role is pivotal, providing a framework for more robust, simpler authentication processes. This signals OneSpan's commitment to staying ahead in cyber protection, ensuring that DIGIPASS FX1 BIO remains a resilient and reliable tool against emerging security threats.

Moreover, compliance is a critical aspect of cybersecurity, and DIGIPASS FX1 BIO is designed with this in mind. Its adherence to GDPR and HIPAA regulations means that organizations can trust it to safeguard not just their data but also their compliance posture. GDPR, governing data privacy across the EU, and HIPAA, safeguarding patient health information in the US, set high benchmarks for data protection.

DIGIPASS FX1 BIO's compliance with these regulations illustrates OneSpan's understanding of the importance of safeguarding data and navigating the complexities of regulatory requirements. This compliance is not just an added feature; it is integral to the device's architecture, ensuring that organizations using it can maintain high data privacy and security standards.

The blend of advanced security measures and strict adherence to regulatory frameworks makes DIGIPASS FX1 BIO a comprehensive solution for organizations facing the dual challenge of protecting sensitive data while adhering to evolving compliance demands.

The future of cybersecurity with OneSpan’s DIGIPASS FX1 BIO

Passwordless authentication devices such as DIGIPASS FX1 BIO help organizations future-proof their cybersecurity and compliance strategies in an environment where both are equally critical.

In a world where passwordless authentication and phishing-resistant MFA are becoming necessities, DIGIPASS FX1 BIO is a crucial component of any robust cybersecurity framework. It's a secure, user-friendly, future-proof, and compliant biometrics authentication solution, meeting the employee security needs of large organizations today and in the future.

Passwordless authentication with OneSpan’s DIGIPASS FX1 BIO

DIGIPASS FX1 BIO: Phishing-resistant, passwordless authentication for a secure workforce

Protect your workforce and safeguard data and applications from attacks with our latest FIDO authenticator with fingerprint scan.

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Sarah is Product Marketing Manager at OneSpan and responsible for OneSpan’s FIDO, hardware and server solutions. She has over 15 years of experience in ICT and Communications and held previous positions within OneSpan’s Corporate Communications department.