eSignLive President Talks E-signatures in 2016

Jodi Schechter, February 4, 2016

After nearly two decades pioneering what is now the world’s most widely adopted e-signature solution, eSignLive president, Tommy Petrogiannis, finds his company in an exploding marketplace and talks to us about e-signatures in 2016. Tommy understands, better than most, that the journey to go digital is not a linear one. Triumphs and failures along the way, working to provide a true end-to-end digital experience, have shaped a broad understanding of both what moves the e-signature market, and what matters to those looking to adopt the technology. Today we sat down to chat about what the e-signature market will look like in 2016. Here’s Tommy’s take. [promotion id="14943"]

What will move the e-signature market


  • Digitization

The appetite for digitizing business processes of all kinds will continue to increase. Customers across the board expect to interact digitally, so companies like ours are well-positioned to capitalize on this growth. We offer a unique digital component that extends the customer experience all the way to that final signature – a place where the "full" digital experience often breaks down.

  • Regulations

Europe is ripe for a major shift towards e-signature adoption with new regulation coming into effect July 2016. Uniformity of e-sign regulations means that all EU countries will accept each other’s electronic signatures, making it simpler to do business across country lines.

  • Mobility

Mobility will continue to drive opportunities. Digitized services that can be used anytime, anywhere, on any device, will thrive. Our mobile app actually mirrors our desktop app, and vice versa – so regardless of where a transaction initiates, it can be monitored and tracked from anywhere. In fact, even without Internet service, you can still process an eSignLive document. We sync it up as soon as you’re back online. And if you’re a business and need to add e-signing capabilities to your existing mobile app, we offer a mobile SDK that can help with just that.

  • Expansion

Our recent acquisition by VASCO has us poised to expand our footprint across Europe. We know that once the highly regulated industries like banking, insurance, healthcare and government adopt e-signatures, it signals to the rest of the market that it’s safe and legal to e-sign transactions. This will open up a lot of opportunity for us abroad. VASCO’s trusted brand name in Europe will help compress our sales cycles so we can help businesses go digital faster.  

What matters to the e-signature market


  • Data Residency

Data residency requirements are changing the global landscape. The demand for in-country data hosting is increasing and compliance with data residency laws is critical. We’ll be hosting several data centers around the world in 2016, in partnership with IBM SoftLayer, to service the international market.

  • Data Privacy

Data privacy and security matter a great deal to our customers. Data breaches are becoming all too common. As a brand that is trusted by the world’s most security conscious organizations, our focus on security at all levels sets us apart. As an example, we earned a SOC 2 certification – a standard for data security that goes far beyond ISO 27001 and SOC 1/SSAE16 compliance that are not focused on the operational processes tied to security of the e-signature service.

  • Branding

Branding matters. Customers want a bespoke experience so customization is important. Again, here’s where eSignLive really shines. The ability to completely white-label the e-sign process has allowed our major customers to keep their brands front and center – and we know that as we grow internationally, our ability to offer regional/country branding along with multi-language support will be key to success – both for our customers and for us.

  • Customer Success

Customer Success is key. The sooner customers see value from their investment, the sooner they’re entrenched. We work hard to reduce the number of days to implement a solution and the time to onboard users. We are committed to proactively making our customers successful with our products and have a devoted customer success team to make this happen.   Tommy shared a parting thought about the changing customer landscape in 2016 and beyond:

We are no longer talking about moving from analog to digital solutions. We’re talking about offering great solutions in a digitized world.