eSignLive Release 11.8: Ad-Hoc Text Tag and Personal Certificate Signing

Haris Haidary, October 25, 2017

Version 11.8 of eSignLive has recently been released to the preview environment where a couple of new features have been added. This release will be available to the sandbox and production environments on the following dates: Sandbox US & CA: October 30th, 2017 Production AU: November 6th, 2017 Production EU: November 7th, 2017 Production CA: November 8th, 2017 Production US: November 9th, 2017

Ad-Hoc Text Tag Extraction

Back in the 11.5 release, the Text Tag extraction feature was added. Essentially, this feature automatically extracts signatures and fields by placing text tags directly in a document. In other words, eSignLive will analyze the uploaded document, and replace every text that matches the Text Tag pattern with the appropriate signature or field. You now have the ability to leverage this feature though the eSignLive web user interface. Below are the steps you can follow on how to do so:

  1. Create a new transaction. create transaction
  2. Add a placeholder. Make sure that your placeholder name coincides with the id in your text tags. If you need help with the text tag naming convention, head over to our documentation. add placeholder
  3. Upload your document. As quick test, you can hit the preview icon to check if the extraction worked. previe
  4. Replace your placeholder with your signer information. update placeholder

Note that you will need to send an email to support in order to have this feature enabled in your account.

Personal Certificate Signing

Elsewhere, the Personal Certificate Signing has been extended to support all Microsoft Windows browsers. This is made possible using a new client to be installed on the signer's machine. You can download the eSignLive client from the link below: Download eSignLive Client In the next release (11.9), the eSignLive client will automatically be installed on the signer's computer when using Personal Signing Certificate. Finally, you can find the release notes from our documentation page. If you have questions regarding this blog or anything else concerning integrating eSignLive into your application, visit the developer community forums: That's it from me. Thank you for reading! If you found this post helpful, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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