How to Get an E-Signature on Your Business Documents

Melanie Attia, July 24, 2013

e-SignLive, Silanis' cloud-based electronic signature service, allows organization to get important e-signatures on their documents quickly, enabling business in real time.

It really is as easy as 1-2-3 when it comes to preparing documents for signature in e-SignLive and then clicking send - read on to find out how to get an e-signature on your business documents.

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Step 1: Create an e-SignPackage

The e-SignPackageTM is a container for the documents you want signed. You add the documents to the package by uploading them.

Step 2: Add Signers

You must identify the people who must sign documents in the package and provide the information necessary to contact them by email. For each signer, you provide an email address, first name, and last name. If multiple signers must sign documents in the package, you can optionally define the order in which they must sign. When you send the package, e-SignLive ensures that signers receive the package in this order.

Step 3: Prepare Documents

After adding documents to the package and identifying its signers, you add signature boxes to documents. Several types of signature boxes are available, each of which obtains a signature differently. For example, a click-to-sign signature box simply requires that the signer click the box. Another type of signature box, capture signature, prompts the signer to draw the signature.

In addition to signature boxes, you can add other types of fields while preparing documents. For example, you can add a date field, in which e-SignLive automatically fills in the date when the signature is obtained.

Sending the e-SignPackage to Signers

After you've added documents to the package, identified signers, and prepared documents, you send the package to signers. Sending a package is as simple as clicking a Send button.

What e-SignLive Does Next

Once you send the package, e-SignLive takes care of the process of obtaining the e-signatures, digitally signing each signature, and securing the final, signed documents:

  1. e-SignLive automatically notifies each signer by email that documents are available for signing. The email includes a link to the package.
  2. When a signer opens this email message, they click its link to access the documents in the package.

Signers may be required to provide additional information that proves they're the intended recipients of the package before e-SignLive provides access to the documents. Whether this information is required depends on options selected by the package owner when creating the package.

  1. e-SignLive guides the signer through all the documents in the package, identifying the signature boxes where e-signatures are required using yellow sticky notes. Each e-signature is digitally signed.
  2. Once all signers have signed their documents, e-SignLive completes the package. A completed package is one where all documents have been securely e-signed, with each signature digitally signed by e-SignLive, and with a tamper-evident seal. By default, a package is automatically completed when the last signer has signed documents, but, as the package owner, you can change this option if you want to review documents and signatures before the package is completed.
  3. e-SignLive sends an email message to all signers indicating where they can download a copy of the completed package, including all signed documents.

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