Maximizing OneSpan Sign for Salesforce: Financial Services Cloud, Lightning-readiness, and More

Pragni Sanghvi, February 8, 2019
Financial Services Cloud

We have been working hard to bring all of Salesforce’s latest and greatest technology to our e-signature connector, and we are happy to be standing at the forefront of this sprint to show you the new features, including our compatibility with Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud

Empowering Sales Teams with Lightning Fast and Secure E-Signatures

Our new and updated OneSpan Sign for Salesforce, released just a few weeks ago, has a brand new UI with a responsive designer, improved automation with configurable signer authentication, configurable transaction languages via setup, and so much more.

  • 14 Transactional languages: Admins can now select the transaction language for signers from 14 options. This enables international organization or those with a multi-lingual customer base to provide a signing ceremony in their customer’s preferred language.
  • Resend signing invitation: Often, in the flurry of emails, customers report that signers seem to lose their signing invitations. We’ve put in place a new feature that allows the sender to resend the signing invitation to individual signers – no need to inundate the rest of the signing team with invitations all over again.
  • Advanced Custom Buttons: We already had an advanced set of customization options available that could automate your entire transaction down to just one button. Now, we have also added signer authentication to this option. 
Electronic Signature

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You can do all this and so much more with our new UI while adding e-signatures to your transactions and updated branding. Go ahead, take a spin and of course, let us know what you think. We would love your feedback.

OneSpan Sign for Salesforce: Now Financial Services Cloud Certified!

OneSpan Sign is a little bit like the Financial Services industry’s open secret. We are the chosen e-signature solution for 13 out of the top 20 banks in North America and have an even bigger presence in the rest of the world. Any consumer out there who has opened an account, signed a mortgage agreement, or had a loan issued from any of these top banks has already used OneSpan Sign. 

Therefore, it was a natural fit for our OneSpan Sign for Salesforce application to work with Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud. We are very excited to announce that Salesforce’s FSC team has now officially certified this integration. You can now use OneSpan Sign for new account openings, loan origination, and more within Financial Services cloud. 

If you or your financial institution is considering using Salesforce’s FSC for your back-end, rest assured that OneSpan Sign will support you whenever you need to add e-signatures to your workflows. Reach out to your OneSpan representative to get started or contact us now.