Stay on Top of Financial Technology Trends with Doxim and Silanis

Melanie Attia, May 22, 2014

This blog post is written in collaboration with Doxim,  our trusted partner delivering financial services providers with business critical document and content management solutions. 

When Forrester released its list of top technology trends for the next three years, a key trend on the list for 2014-2016 was the change in infrastructure from a barrier to progress to  an "enabler of business demand for engagement," both in the sense of employee engagement and in the sense of engaging customers with the company. At Doxim, we think a lot about optimizing customer engagement, especially at crucial moments like during the client onboarding process.  Our client onboarding platform, OpenAdvantage®, with integrated e-signature capabilities facilitates client onboarding anytime, anywhere, on a mobile device. Investment advisors are guided through an intuitive questionnaire or simple forms, while infrastructure behind the scenes does the heavy lifting to ensure that all relevant documents are filled in correctly the first time. This permits the advisor to meet clients at their home or office and turns onboarding – formerly a paper intensive, manual process – into a simple, goal oriented conversation that puts client engagement and relationship building first. Once the client onboarding documents are completed and ready to sign, integrated e-signature technology allows clients to securely sign their documents on any mobile device with e-SignLive. If you want to see how simple and elegant the experience of end-to-end digital onboarding with integrated e-signature can be, we invite you to visit the Doxim blog, to learn more about how easy it can be for your brokers to take the client onboarding and electronic signing experience right to the client.