Tips & Tricks: How to E-Sign Documents Using Smart Cards in OneSpan Sign

Dilani Silva, October 11, 2016

Whether you’re a Government agency or an organization that may need to use Qualified E-Signatures to meet eIDAS requirements, OneSpan Sign offers a variety of robust and flexible authentication options, including support for smart cards. Specifically, OneSpan Sign supports signing with government-issued smart cards such as the Common Access Card (CAC) and Personal Identity Verification card (PIV), as well as Electronic ID smart cards and tokens issued by Trust Service Providers (TSP) in Europe.  

Let me show you how easy it is to securely e-sign documents using digital certificates stored on smart cards and tokens.

User Authentication for E-Signatures

User Authentication for E-Signatures

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How to E-Sign Documents Using Smart Cards in OneSpan Sign


  • To begin, ensure the ‘Client-side Certificates’ option is enabled in your OneSpan Sign account.


  • In this example, Joe will use his government issued PIV card to securely e-sign a document. Before accessing the document to sign, Joe inserts his smart card in the card reader.


  • Joe accesses the document he needs to sign in OneSpan Sign. He selects the ‘Requires my signature’ option from the Dashboard. He then selects the document from the Transactions list.


  • Next, he clicks the signature block to start the signing proces


  • The ‘Certificate Selection’ dialog box prompts Joe to select the desired digital certificate to complete the e-signing process. He clicks the ‘Sign’ button.


  • At times, signers may be required to enter a PIN or a password for the selected certificate. In this example, Joe is prompted to enter a token password and clicks ‘OK’.


After successfully signing the document, a secure, tamper-sealed PDF with a comprehensive audit trail is embedded directly into the document showing who signed, in what order, when, where and which certificate was used to sign the document.  

Check out the video below to see how easy it is to e-sign documents with smart cards in OneSpan Sign. Download the whitepaper to learn more about other user authentication options available in OneSpan Sign.  

Video: How to E-Sign Documents Using Smart Cards in OneSpan Sign

Dilani Silva is a Product Marketing Manager at OneSpan. In her role, she manages and executes the go-to-market strategy, positioning, messaging and sales enablement for OneSpan’s e-signature solution, OneSpan Sign.