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Customer Loyalty. Secured.

Exceed your customers’ expectations to easily and securely transact anytime across digital devices and channels

Create exceptional digital interactions that differentiate you from the competition and strengthen your relationship with customers. OneSpan’s security and e-signature products provide the most seamless and frictionless customer experiences, while ensuring the appropriate level of security tailored for each unique interaction.

You’ll win new customers and build lasting loyalty by making it easier for consumers and companies to do business with you - anytime, on any device, and in any channel. You’ll also drive down fraud, protect your customer’s data and company reputation, and increase your bottom line.

Frictionless Security

Customer experience.

Make security as invisible as possible to customers in order to reduce friction and ensure a seamless digital experience.

Our solutions use a range of biometrics technologies, including fingerprint and facial recognition, as well as behavioral biometrics to identify and mitigate fraud.

This ensures the user experience isn’t needlessly obstructed, and that security is intelligently increased - if and only when needed.

Adaptive Authentication

Ensure the appropriate amount of security based on the actual risk level – no more “one-size-fits-all” security.

OneSpan's intelligent Adaptive Authentication leverages a risk engine score to intelligently and automatically adjust security in real-time as required.

By tailoring security appropriately for each unique interaction, you’ll dramatically reduce friction across channels.

Omnichannel Security

Make it easy for your customers to authenticate themselves across your web, mobile,  ATM and branch channels.

OneSpan provides a comprehensive suite of fraud detection and mitigation solutions to ensure strong security and the best possible user experience across digital channels.

Your customers can easily access your services across channels for a more consistent and positive experience.

Seamless E-Signing

iPhone - White-Labeled

Build trust in the document e-signing process to drive high customer adoption and completion rates.

OneSpan Sign enables you to white-label the signing experience so that only your brand appears in all web screens, mobile interfaces, and email notifications. 

Because all emails are sent from your servers under your name, you reduce the likelihood of phishing scams and attacks created by other e-signature providers.

iPhone - Intuitive Interface

Provide customers with the most intuitive document review and signing process on any device.

OneSpan Sign prompts users to ‘click to sign’ and initial in all the right places, and prevents them from returning a document if it is missing information or signing data. 

This eliminates the need to return documents to customers for correction and delaying the completion of transactions.

iPhone - Automated Workflows

Reduce the time it takes for customers to correctly complete and return transactional documents.

OneSpan Sign populates documents with pre-approved transaction data and customer information, such as their name, account number, and address.

This prevents errors and time-delays associated with manual processing, as well as fraudulent attempts to alter information.

Leverage Our Expertise

OneSpan is committed to helping you to identify the right security technologies to meet your business goals from growth to user experience, compliance, and more.