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A Customer-first Approach to Authentication

Security and user convenience are top priorities when deploying an authentication solution. Our authentication solutions and services are designed with the customer in mind and enable financial institutions to create secure and frictionless digital customer journeys, from onboarding to login and transaction signing. 

Rely on our vast expertise to make your authentication project and digital transformation a success.  

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Stop Transaction Fraud

Deliver secure transaction experiences with passwordless authentication

Social engineering has surged and a staggering 29.2% of all attacks are targeted at banks and other financial institutions. Banks need to rethink their prevention strategies to safeguard customers without burdening them with more security. 

OneSpan Cronto technology mitigates human risk by moving transaction authorization control from the user to the trusted device and the bank. As such, banking customers can be sure that any transaction they authorize did in fact originate from their bank and was not altered in transit.

Cronto is a passwordless authentication method that requires no manual input from the customer. This not only eliminates errors and but greatly enhances the customer experience. Customers verify and approve transactions with a simple ‘scan and sign’ gesture, making it the ideal solution to secure online and mobile transactions without compromising user friendliness. 

Protect Your Mobile App from Advanced Threats

Maintain trust without impacting the customer experience

Fraudsters are targeting the mobile channel more aggressively than ever before. Juniper Research estimates that the total number of digital banking users will exceed 3.6 billion by 2024. The influx of new users presents ample incentive for fraudsters to capitalize on any lapse in security they can find. 

To combat this, mobile application developers need to take a layered approach to security. OneSpan Application Shielding protects a mobile banking app from the inside out. It proves effective against threats like tampering, reverse engineering, overlay attacks, code injection, code modification, and data theft from the app. 

Effective mobile app security doesn’t have to come at the expense of usability. OneSpan Application Shielding is invisible for the end user. It allows the app to securely operate even in potentially hostile environments, such as jailbroken or rooted devices – and only deny service when absolutely necessary.​ 

Create an Unbeatable Customer Experience

Deploy passwordless authentication across digital channels

Passwords are a burden and the primary reason for data breaches. Passwordless customer authentication replaces passwords with other factors that are intrinsically safer and that reduce attack vectors. In addition, a passwordless approach to authentication improves overall security and reduces operational costs associated with password management.

OneSpan offers different passwordless alternatives which improve the user experience and reduce fraud. These include biometric options, FIDO, and touchless banking

Financial institutions need to make their applications easy to use and keep the user experience consistent across digital channels. OneSpan’s passwordless solutions meet this business need with authentication that seamlessly adapts to risk, devices, and device capabilities, all while supporting multiple channels.

The Cloud as a Catalyst

Use the cloud to quickly modernize the authentication experience

The surge in cloud adoption is helping banks  and other businesses move away from costly, rigid, and limited on-premises authentication technology. 

OneSpan Cloud Authentication helps financial institutions overcome the challenges of legacy systems while still prioritizing security and reliability. It is designed to provide all the benefits of the cloud and support the migration from costly legacy, on-prem infrastructure to a modern, SaaS authentication platform. The solution makes it easy to centralize authentication management and eliminate the cost and complexity of supporting various siloed authentication technologies. 

OneSpan Cloud Authentication is the accelerator to quickly modernize banking applications and increase operational efficiencies. Speed up your time-to-market for new products, services and functionality that will benefit your customer base. 

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