FIDO Authentication

Simpler, stronger authentication with FIDO U2F, UAF, and FIDO2 solutions​

FIDO Authentication

Eliminate passwords and benefit from stronger authentication with OneSpan’s FIDO U2F, FIDO UAF, and FIDO2 solutions

Customer Experience

Simplify the Customer Experience

Improve usability by deploying passwordless authentication


Ensure Privacy via FIDO Authentication

Provide stronger authentication while eliminating server-side vulnerabilities


Fight Fraud with Strong Authentication

Strengthen authentication with FIDO public key cryptography – plus, protect your apps 


Cut Operational & Development Costs

Use FIDO-certified solutions and cut costs while ensuring faster time to market


Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Meet regulatory requirements with standardized 2FA and MFA


Meet Your Omnichannel Security Needs

Deploy interoperable hardware, software, and biometric authentication solutions

How it Works

Simplify authentication for mobile apps with FIDO UAF

See how FIDO supports multi factor authentication by integrating face recognition, fingerprint, or other biometric authentication methods to create an exceptional customer experience for mobile and online services.

Simplify User Experience

Create an unrivaled mobile and online customer experience with FIDO

Users no longer need to remember or reset complex passwords. Instead, they can seamlessly and securely access accounts using biometrics, such as fingerprint or facial recognition, or by plugging in a hardware security key. These passwordless authentication methods provide a smoother and more user-friendly login experience.

Mitigate Fraud

Protect your mobile and web applications from social engineering schemes

Traditional password-based systems are vulnerable to various forms of manipulation and deception, making them a prime target for social engineering attacks. ​

FIDO authentication is a robust defense against phishing, replay attacks, and Adversary-in-the-Middle attacks. As there are no passwords to phish, organizations are less vulnerable to attacks that rely on passwords. Users are also less susceptible to manipulation and deception due to the inherent security of biometrics and hardware keys.​


Ensure privacy and eliminate server-side secrets with FIDO authentication

FIDO authentication was designed with user privacy in mind. FIDO works with a private and public key pair where private keys and biometric data never leave the device. Secrets are never stored on the server. None of the FIDO Alliance’s protocols involve a third party and there is no linkability between different services.


Cost Reduction

Be agile and embrace new technologies at a lower cost​

Don’t spend precious time and money on developing and maintaining proprietary or multiple solutions. Integrate OneSpan’s FIDO authentication solutions alongside existing applications and ensure faster time to market.

Invest in a future-proof solution that supports the latest FIDO U2F, FIDO UAF, and FIDO2 authentication technology out of the box as it enters the market.


Comply with regulations without burdening the user


FIDO authentication represents the best way for organizations to implement simpler, stronger authentication that meets GDPR’s rigorous requirements – and enhances the user experience. FIDO authentication eliminates server-side secrets and provides local verification capabilities in compliance with GDPR.


Ready for the benefits of FIDO-certified solutions?

OneSpan offers a comprehensive suite of FIDO U2F, UAF, and FIDO2 compliant solutions to secure your online and mobile applications

OneSpan recognizes and commits to working on the mitigation and elimination of bias in algorithms related to facial recognition/comparison -- OneSpan Statement on Facial Recognition/Comparison Bias.