Data Protection Notice

This Data Protection Notice applies to the collection, use, and storage of biometric data for demonstration purposes.

Collection and Use by OneSpan:

By selecting face recognition, you consent to OneSpan’s collection of biometric data by means of capturing your facial image using the camera on your mobile device. Biometric data will be associated to your name and email address and used exclusively to authenticate your identity when you access your Mobile Security Suite Software (the “Software”) demo account.

Local Device Storage Notice:

Biometric data is stored in the Software application on your mobile device. No biometric data is stored in any OneSpan server, and OneSpan has no access to the biometric data in your mobile device application. Your biometric data will remain in storage until you delete the same or uninstall the Software application.

OneSpan strongly recommends that you delete the biometric data or uninstall the Software application on completion of the demonstration.


Your use of face recognition and your collection of biometric data may be subject to Data Protection and other privacy-related laws applicable to you and your end-users and relevant to the nature of your business (“Privacy Laws”). These Privacy Laws may require specific end-user notice and consent, may restrict data use, retention periods, and disclosures, and may prescribe specific security standards and processes. Your violation or non-compliance of Privacy Laws may result in fines, enforcement action, and/or imprisonment. Please ensure to review the Privacy Laws or seek professional advice in the jurisdictions where you will use face recognition and collect biometric data.


OneSpan grants you access to the Software with biometrics authentication technology for demonstration purposes only. OneSpan provides the Software demo version on an ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis, without warranties or conditions of any kind, whether implied or statutory, including but not limited to warranties of marketability, merchantability, non-infringement, or fitness for a particular purpose.

You agree and accept that your use of the Software demo version with biometrics authentication technology is at your own risk, and that OneSpan shall not be liable or responsible in any manner for the storage, preservation, deletion, or destruction of any information you provide, or for any loss or damage in relation to your use of the Software demo version.

OneSpan reserves the right to change or update the Software demo version and to revoke your access thereto at any time.