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Data is scoped to the E-Signature category. Based on reviews from Enterprise companies. All reviews were collected as of August 04, 2023

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Star Rating

Has the product been a good partner in doing business?

95%Responses: 105
82%Responses: 93

Ease of admin

88%Responses: 99
78%Responses: 96

Quality of Support

93%Responses: 152
86%Responses: 293

Ease of Setup

86%Responses: 101
81%Responses: 99

Ease of Use

92%Responses: 163
90%Responses: 402

Custom Branding

90%Responses: 79
81%Responses: 96

User, Role, and Access Management

87%Responses: 84
83%Responses: 105


85%Responses: 50
84%Responses: 79

Mobile Signatures

89%Responses: 94
86%Responses: 299

Likelihood to Recommend

93%Responses: 179
91%Responses: 471

Product Direction (% positive)

94%Responses: 161
92%Responses: 397

Bulk Digital Signatures

93%Responses: 73
91%Responses: 275

Process

93%Responses: 134
91%Responses: 356

Regulatory Compliance

94%Responses: 130
93%Responses: 307

Signature Document Creation

92%Responses: 131
91%Responses: 336


87%Responses: 100
86%Responses: 280

Signature Workflow

93%Responses: 129
92%Responses: 346

Performance and Reliability

90%Responses: 89
89%Responses: 111

Enterprise Scalability

94%Responses: 120
93%Responses: 284

Signature History and Audit

95%Responses: 133
94%Responses: 318

Document Signing

96%Responses: 140
96%Responses: 363

Reminders and Expirations

90%Responses: 118
90%Responses: 348
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