Digipass 836

Digipass 836 with optical interface reduces the level of user interaction for authentication, resulting in increased user acceptance for the use of e-signatures in high-risk internet banking transactions. 


Product Details

Digipass 836 offers a solution against man-in-the-PC and man-in-the-browser based fraud. All transaction data are displayed in a trusted environment and approved with a mandatory "OK" push on the button by the end-user.

Enhanced user-friendliness thanks to optical interface

Digipass 836 can help banks to add strong authentication to their retail channels in a cost effective way by leveraging the bank’s existing investments in an EMV infrastructure. Digipass 836 also allows the use of larger character sets to be displayed on the screen to improve readability and, if required by the end-users, OTP and transaction signature codes can be magnified and displayed using the full size of the screen. 

The optical interface is a feature that automatically downloads data from the PC display on to Digipass 836. This feature increases the end-user acceptance dramatically since a data transfer is completed within a few seconds. The interface does not require any software or driver as the communication is established through a flashing pattern on the user’s PC (Javascript, Animated Gif or Adobe Flash) and the photo sensors of Digipass 836. Digipass 836 is compatible with any screen size and resolution.

How does it work?

  1. Cardholders simply insert their standard EMV chip card into Digipass 836, and type their PIN for Two-factor authentication (something they know, something they have).
  2. Each time a user enters his PIN, a one-time password (OTP) is generated and displayed.
  3. The user can type this dynamic, secure password to become authenticated over the bank’s network. This dynamic password cannot be used more than once and can only be verified by the issuing bank. The verification of the OTP or transaction signature demonstrates the cardholder’s identity and allows access to the network from any terminal on any platform.

Digipass 836 can be used in conjunction with OneSpan Authentication Server Framework. For payments, Digipass 836 can also be integrated into the 3D-Secure architecture and allows the cardholder to sign some key data of the transaction.

Easy to deploy and integrate

Digipass 836 is a platform-independent card reader which can easily be rolled out to a vast amount of end-users. Each reader is identical; as a result it does not require personalization prior to customer delivery. Therefore, production and distribution can be managed in a very cost-effective way. 

This solution can also easily be integrated into a 3D-Secure architecture, allowing the cardholder to use it for online payment by entering key transaction data before authorizing payment. Here again, using Digipass 836 for online payment purposes does not require a connection to a terminal or PC, nor does it require the installation of client software or drivers. 

Digipass 836 combines the intrinsic security of a smart card with the flexibility of an authenticator. Thanks to its user-friendliness the cost of helpdesk support is significantly reduced resulting in a lower management cost of the security infrastructure.

Technical Specifications

Size 85.8 mm, (L) 63 mm (W), 14.8 mm (H)
Weight 65 g
Display High contrast, LCD (80 x 16 dot matrix line)
Optical Interface
  • 5 photo sensors, 45 degree tilt angle screen
  • Protective rubber
Battery Lifetime
  • Replaceable batteries 
  • Dual 2032 battery cell
  • Germany (HHD 1.4; chipTAN, [email protected])
  • Austria (HHD 1.2; cardTAN) 
  • MasterCard(2004, 2007)
  • VISA dynamic passcode authentication version 1.1 
  • Advanced Authentication for Chip (CAP E, PLA) 
  • CAP User Interface specification - UK Implementation (APACS) 
  • Bank's logo can be printed on the reader
  • Color of the casing can also be customized

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