Digipass GO 6

Digipass GO 6 is a ‘one-button’ authenticator to effectively combat internet fraud by replacing static or paper-based password systems.

OneSpan Digipass GO 6

Product Details

Authentication Made Simple

In the rapidly evolving world of cybersecurity, the need for robust and user-friendly authentication methods is paramount. One-button authenticators simplify the authentication process while maintaining high security standards. Unlike traditional methods that often involve multiple steps and complex procedures, one-button authenticators provide a seamless and convenient way to verify user identities with just a single press. Digipass GO 6 offers a hassle-free experience while ensuring protection against unauthorized access.

Easy to Deploy

The integration of Digipass GO 6 into an existing network is simple and goes fast. Static passwords or existing TAN lists (pre-printed lists of TransAction Numbers) can instantly be replaced with the more secure Digipass GO 6 dynamic password.

Once the unit has been initialized and provided to the user, costly user training is unnecessary.

Easy to Use

With a single press of the button, Digipass GO 6 displays a dynamic one-time password for each time a user remotely logs into an application, website or network. The user enters this one-time password in the login screen of the application.

An additional password, as a second factor of authentication, can also be applied to eliminate unauthorized use if the device is lost or stolen.

Technical Specifications


9.8 x 25.9 x 62.7 mm


14 grams


high contrast 8-characters LCD

Battery life

non-replaceable, lifetime expectancy 7 years

Supported algorithms
  • Digipass event and time-based (DES, 3DES and AES)
  • OATH event (HOTP) or time (TOTP) based (on demand)

Real-time clock