Digipass 772

Digipass 772 with patented Cronto technology offers banks a highly secure e-signature solution while end users enjoy an exceptional user convenience. 

Digipass 772

Product Details

Strong security 

Digipass 772 delivers the ultimate protection against sophisticated fraud schemes such as phishing, social engineering and banking Trojans, including man-in-the-middle (MITM) and man-in-the-browser (MITB) attacks. 
The device creates an electronic signature unique to each particular transaction using details such as account numbers, transaction amounts or any other text the bank wants to send. This solution preserves data integrity and ensures authenticity, rendering any changes made to a transaction after it has been electronically signed, invalid. 

What you see is what you sign 

Critical transaction information is encrypted and automatically presented securely on Digipass 772’s wide color display, ensuring that the transaction has not been tampered with.

This WYSISYS feature is ideally suited for banks looking to use e-signatures to secure online transactions withdout compromising on user-friendliness.

Easy to deploy 

Digipass 772 is a non-personalized device so it doesn’t need to be manually assigned to a user. The user simply activates his Digipass via an activation code that is sent to him by letter or e-mail. Next, they easily register their device online by capturing the Cronto activation code. Should a bank prefer to personalize the device in advance then this is also possible. 

Technical Specifications

Display  1,77 in. TFT color display (128 x 160 dots) 
Camera  Camera with live video streaming (640x480) 
Size  Length: 10,12 cm 
Width: 5,5 cm 
Height: 1,82 cm 
Weight  78g (41g without batteries) 
Languages  Multilingual support 
Battery Rechargeable
* The device must not be used with USB rechargeable batteries.