Digipass 270

Digipass 270 offers secure remote access and authentication features in a compact form factor. It’s the ideal device for banks, enterprises and organizations needing an effective and cost-efficient, high-volume solution.


Product Details

Transparent and secure transactions

Digipass 270 technology enhances the security of your web based services. Whether it is using Digipass 270 dynamic passwords to log-on to a restricted web site or creating transaction data signatures to sign a financial transaction, you have greater control over who is trying to perform each activity.

Intuitive user experience

Digipass 270 is a reliable part of any total security solution. Its keypad and simple graphic interface are so easy to use, no technical training or user guide is ever needed. Universally recognizable display icons walk you through simple steps that always provide an option to go back one step or restart from the beginning.

Maximum flexibility

Digipass 270 can be customized for your specific applications. Security parameters such as PIN length, number of PIN trials, length of challenge and response are all programmable features. The end result is an optimum balance of user-friendliness, cost efficiency and security.

Technical Specifications

Size 70 x 45 x 3.1 mm
Weight 13 g
  • User-changeable (weak PIN protection)
  • After a programmable number of invalid PIN attempts, device locks automatically
  • System operator defines usage and length of the PIN (up to eight digits)
  • Internal real-time clock
  • Eight digit LCD
  • Remote unlocking or PUK unlocking
  • Dual function on-off/erase button
  • Memory for three applications (response only, challenge/response and signature)
  • Waterproof
  • Expected battery life up to five years
  • Intelligent battery management conserves battery life