Digipass 270

The small and lightweight DIGIPASS 270 offers secure remote access and authentication features in a compact form factor. It’s the ideal password-protected personal identification device for banks, enterprises and organizations needing an effective and cost-efficient, high-volume solution.

DP 270

Product Details

Digipass 270 is a transaction signature authentication devices designed to enhance the safety and integrity of financial transactions. These devices provide an extra layer of protection by generating unique signatures or codes that verify the authenticity of the transaction and to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the transaction data. By requiring users to provide a valid signature or code from the authentication device, Digipass 270 significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access, fraud, and tampering.

Strong Authentication

Digipass 270 solution is based on strong two-factor authentication. To gain access to applications and services you must:

  1. Know your Personal Identification Number (PIN), and
  2. Possess a hand-held Digipass 270.

The PIN code is entered into Digipass 270 which generates a dynamic password. This one-time password (OTP) enables secure authorized access to

Intuitive User Interface and Advanced Design

DIGIPASS 270 is a reliable part of any total enterprise security solution. Its keypad and simple graphic interface are so easy to use, no technical training or user guide is ever needed. Universally recognizable display icons walk you through simple steps that always provide an option to go back one step or restart from the beginning.


  • One-time passwords (OTP): Time, event, challenge-response
  • E-signature
  • Host verification code
  • Conforms to Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • Supports programmable number (three maximum) of applications (each application has different parameters)
  • Up to 16 digits of challenge input can be keyed in
  • Responses are shown on the display in decimal or hexadecimal format (maximum length, 16 digits)
  • A single check digit (according to ISO 7064-6) can be applied on the challenge and/or response
  • Different functions can be assigned to each application
  • Product can optionally be delivered with an OSCCA certified processor and support for the GM/T 0021-2012 standard using the SM3 algorithm (Digipass 276)