Bank selects flexible security solutions best suited to customers

As one of the leading banks in Azerbaijan, AGBank was looking for a security solution for its Internet and mobile banking services.

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Executive Summary

Business Objective
  • Provide online and mobile security, complete with load balancing and redundant authentication.
The Problem
  • The bank needed secure online and mobile banking services based on the type of customer, platform, and financial transactions they execute.
The Solution
  • Digipass 250
  • Digipass 275
  • Digipass GO 6
  • OneSpan Mobile Authenticator Studio
  • OneSpan Authentication Server
  • A high level of security
  • Well-received design encourages user adoption
  • A low total cost of ownership

The bank chose OneSpan’s authentication technology with a combination of Digipass® GO6, OneSpan Mobile Authenticator Studio and Digipass 275.

AGBank maintains their leadership position by investing in new and innovative projects, such as promoting their Internet and mobile banking services to all customers. Obviously, a high level of security was desired.

Fit Everyone’s Needs

In order to determine everyone’s specific security needs, customers are divided into several groups, depending on the kind of financial operations they execute and the value they present. For each group, an adjusted and comfortable security solution was selected.

Users who execute high-volume transactions can choose either Digipass 250 or Digipass 275, easy-to-use hardware devices that have a high level of security using electronic signatures. Digipass GO 6 one-button devices are offered to customers who generally use online services for regular payments and lowvalue transactions. OneSpan Mobile Authenticator Suite is directed at a younger audience, as young people are accustomed to using smartphones and this group prefers an economical way of authentication.

The solutions were favorably received by end users. They liked the simplicity of use and the design of the hardware devices.

Our predominant requirement was security. Additionally, we wanted a solution that was simple enough to deploy and to use. A low total cost of ownership was also an important criterion, as well as a number of technical requirements such as load balancing and the redundancy of the authentication system.

Fuad MalikovHead of IT Infrastructure

Flexible Server

In the back office, AGBank opted for OneSpan Authentication Server. This server verifies authentication requests from clients against a database of users. This server is also very flexible and future-proof, so AGBank will be able to use this server for other purposes — such as access to inhouse applications — in the years to come.

Professional Services

All work related to the deployment of the Digipass system was completed by OneSpan’s Professional Services team. “The project was planned very carefully and we did not meet serious problems during the deployment,” says Mr. Malikov. The integration was done by a vendor of Internet banking systems, following professional product and integration training sessions provided by OneSpan. Moreover, the OneSpan Professional Services team supplied guidance and consultancy advice to AGBank’s technical staff.

Client Overview

Open Joint-Stock Company AGBank was established in 1992 and has become one of Azerbaijan’s leading banks over that period. AGBank is mainly a corporate bank, but has actively entered the retail banking sector in the last few years. Current plans of the bank include the expansion of the retail network of branches across the country, the establishment of business relations with potential partners, expanding the customer base, and providing quality customer service. (

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