Digipass 275 Datasheet

Ultra-portable strong authentication

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Providing an ultimate user experience, Digipass 275 is a highly efficient, cost-effective and high-volume solution for any financial organization looking to add strong two-factor authentication to its security infrastructure.

Online fraud schemes such as man-in-the-middle and man-in-the-browser attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated nowadays. Banks are therefore increasingly adopting defense mechanisms using electronic transaction signing.

Digipass 275 offers e-signature, one-time password and challenge/response functionalities in a streamlined design. Supporting four different native applications and furnished with dedicated function buttons, the device offers unbridled security against financial fraud and man-in-the middle attacks.

Digipass enhances online security

Digipass 275 enhances the security of web-based services. The e-signature functionality provides excellent protection against so called man-in-the-middle attacks. Digipass 275 supports up to four different applications and offers one-time password, challenge/response and signing functionalities. The solution ensures that banks and other organizations can economically deploy a comprehensive, scalable, high performance two-factor authentication solution. OneSpan’s Digipass 275 offers an optimal balance between user-friendliness, cost-efficiency and security.

How does it work?

The user simply chooses the desired application by pushing one of the dedicated function buttons. Whether dynamic passwords are used to log-on to a restricted web site or e-signatures are created to sign a financial transaction, with Digipass 275 banks have greater control over who is trying to log-on or execute a transaction.

Intuitive user interface

Digipass 275 was designed with the end-user in mind. The authentication device is more intuitive to use than ever and has a dedicated OK and Cancel button. Customers can define the welcome message and customize the different application messages that show the end-user which application is selected. Straightforward PIN messages warn the user in case of wrong PIN entry. A battery counter accompanied by a message shows users how much battery-time still remains. Furthermore, Digipass 275 is extremely compact, making it ultra-portable for the end-user.

Fully customizable

The keyboard of Digipass 275 can be customized with corporate colors and logos, even full color images and pictures. Welcome and application, even PIN messages can be fully customized for local language support. As a result Digipass 275 fully supports corporate branding and differentiates your device from competitors. Additionally, the device is extremely well suited for massive deployments as distribution can be handled through traditional postal services.

digipass 275



Digipass 275 is programmable depending on the specific end-user needs. Parameters such as OTP length, PIN length, PIN change, number of PIN trials and the number of data fields to be signed are fully programmable. The device is fully interoperable with all members of the Digipass family and works seamlessly with OneSpan’s back-end software OneSpan Authentication Server Framework and OneSpan Authentication Server.


Supports up to for 4 native applications

One-time password, challenge/ response and e-signature functionalities

OATH event (HOTP) or time (TOTP) based (on demand)

OATH OCRA - Challenge/Response (on demand)

Customizable device messages

Dedicated OK and Cancel button



Confirms to Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

Product can optionally be delivered with an OSCCA certified processor and support for the GM/T 0021-2012 standard using the SM3 algorithm (Digipass 276)

Eight digit LCD

Full tactile keypad

Expected battery lifetime of 5 years

Size: 70 x 45 x 3,1 mm

Weight: 13 g


Short storage temperature

-10°C to 50°C;

90% RH non condensing

IEC 60068-2-78 (damp heat)

IEC 60068-2-1 (cold)

Operating temperature

0°C to 45°C;

85% RH non condensing

IEC 60068-2-78 (damp heat)

IEC 60068-2-1 (cold)

Water resistance

Waterproof IPx7

(1 meter during 30 min)

ISO 60068-2-18 or

IEC 60529


10 to 75 Hz; 10 m/s2

IEC 60068-2-6


1 meter

IEC 60068-2-31



EN 55022


4 kV contact discharges

8 kV air discharges

3 V/m from 80 to 1000 MHz

EN 61000-4-2 and

EN 61000-4-3

Compliant with European directives

  • CE: 89/336/EEC or 2004/108/EC
  • RoHS: 2002/95/EC
  • WEEE: 2002/96/EC