Digipass 301 Comfort Voice Datasheet

Digipass 301 Comfort Voice provides unparalleled secure accessibility to online banking and e-commerce services for visually impaired users

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DIGIPASS 301 Comfort Voice provides acoustic or speechbased feedback that enables users to enter data and convert one-time passwords (OTP) into speech transmitted through Comfort Voice’s internal speaker or headphones.

Digipass 301 Comfort Voice provides speech based user guidance and acoustic or speech based feed-back of entered data & selected functions. Additionally it converts generated one time passwords into speech. The speech is heard through the Digipass 301 Comfort Voice’s internal speaker or headphones. With Digipass 301 Comfort Voice blind or visually impaired people can do exactly what sighted people have been doing for some time: secure online banking and e-commerce transactions, enabled by OneSpan’s trusted authentication solutions.

Digipass 301 Comfort Voice offers the same secure remote access, authentication and signature functions as other Digipass family members. Digipass 301 Comfort Voice does have a large display depicting large fonts and its keys are extremely easy to operate. Additionally Digipass 301 Comfort Voice speaks every text displayed visually on the Digipass screen out loud and provides acoustic or speech based feedback of every key pressed on the Digipass keypad.

Digipass 301 Comfort Voice s is compatible with all Digipass family members.

Functions & Features

  • Standard Digipass authentication and transaction data signing functionality
  • Acoustic feed-back of an entered PIN
  • Speech based user guidance
  • Speech echoing of entered data and selected function keys
  • Speech generation of One Time Passwords
  • Supports response only or Challenge/Response
  • Internal speaker
  • Headphone to ensure confidentiality of generated one-time-passwords
  • Large LCD display and fonts
  • Large, easy to operate keypad
  • Orientation marks on the ‘5’ button