Digipass 785 Datasheet

Bluetooth Smart-enabled device for smartphones and tablets protects data in online, enterprise or mobile transactions

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Digipass 785 provides strong mobile security while delivering a frictionless user experience thanks to Bluetooth technology. The device offers a large color display to easily verify transaction details.

Digipass 785 creates a secure connection between the authenticator and the client device. The connection can be made via Bluetooth for smartphones and tablets or via USB typically for desktop computing. As a result, your mobile users don’t need to perform any additional tasks to gain secure access to online applications and conduct transactions from their mobile devices. The solution offers secure PIN entry features as well as intuitive “what you see is what you sign” user functionality.

Strong mobile security

With a Bluetooth connection, encryption features and a passkey, Digipass 785 improves security of the data, and further enhances the level of protection with a dedicated secure channel. Digipass 785 can communicate with any Bluetooth Smart Ready mobile device and delivers security guarantees on both sides of every transaction. It provides a positive and frictionless user experience and enables a higher level of security for mobile banking. The Digipass 785 instantly creates a secure channel between the host server and the mobile device to secure communication between them.

Simple deployment, installation and use

Bluetooth-enabled mobile or tablet devices need to be paired with the Digipass 785 before they can securely exchange information. OneSpan makes this simple for the user by requiring one action upon first use to exchange protected pairing codes. This improves user acceptance and ensures that only authorized wireless devices can connect with the Digipass 785. When connecting the Digipass 785 using Bluetooth, OneSpan offers a BLE-SDK for use on the client. When a USB connection is used, the Digipass Native Bridge can be installed on the PC without the need to install additional drivers.

Digipass 785 is perfectly suited for environments with high security requirements including electronic signatures, secure PIN verification, corporate network access, two-factor authentication and e-commerce transactions.

What you see is what you sign

Critical transaction information, including payment details, is encrypted and automatically presented securely on Digipass 785’s color display, ensuring that the transaction has not been tampered with.

Easy to customize

The elegant design of Digipass 785 can be enhanced with your organization’s logo, branding and custom colors.

digipass 785

How it works

Digipass 785 improves security for online transactions and offers a more convenient experience for the mobile user:

  1. A user pairs their Digipass 785 with their mobile device. This connection is established by entering a unique, protected passcode. Alternatively, if no Bluetooth connection is available, (e.g. when working on a desktop PC), the device can also be connected with a USB cable.
  2. After logging into their online banking account and typing in their PIN, the user gains immediate access to their account since the two devices communicate via OneSpan’s secure channel.
  3. On the screen of their Digipass 785 the user checks the amount and the account number using “What You See is What You Sign” technology. The user validates their information, enters their PIN and the transaction is conducted.


Short storage temperature*

-10° C to 50° C;

90% RH non condensing

IEC 60068-2-78 (Damp heat)

IEC 60068-2-1 (Cold)

Operating temperature

0° C to 45° C;

85% RH non condensing

IEC 60068-2-78 (Damp heat)

IEC 60068-2-1 (Cold)


10 to 75 Hz; 10 m/s2 I

IEC 60068-2-6



EN 55022


4 kV contact discharges

8 kV air discharges

3 V/m from 80 to 1000 MHz

EN 55024

Compliant with European directives

CE: 89/336/EEC or 2004/108/EC

RoHS: 2002/95/EC

WEEE: 2002/96/EC

* Long term storage for devices with rechargeable batteries should be limited to 1 year after production date. After each year, the battery of the unit has to be fully recharged before it can be stored for another year.




1,77 in. TFT color display (128 x 160 dots)


76 mm (L); 42 mm (W); 8,5 mm (H)


25 gr


Multilanguage Support




1m long usb Detachable cable with type A connector

Power Supply in connected mode

Only in USB connected mode, in BLE connected mode power from batteries


Standard 4.0 LE (Low Energy)

Multiple Host handling: Up to 8 hosts with automatic selection

Power Distance: -18dBm to 0dBm in option

Gatt profile and Service implementation

Operating Systems

Bluetooth 4.0 LE (2) : iOS 7+, Android 4.3+, Windows Phone 8, BB10, OS X 10.8, Windows Vista and upwards


Tamper evident

ISO 13491-1

* Long term storage for devices with rechargeable batteries should be limited to 1 year after production date. After each year, the battery of the unit has to be fully recharged before it can be stored for another year.