OneSpan Virtual Room

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Live E-Signature
  • Capture legally binding, admissible, and enforceable e-signatures in real-time
  • Transact with signers in different locations using built-in videoconferencing
  • Verify identities of participants in the virtual signing session
  • Simultaneously review documents with signers and address their questions in real-time
Recording & Audit Trails
  • Capture vendor-independent audit trails with the option to record the virtual signing session

Reimagine customer engagement. Get documents signed in a secure, live videoconferencing session.

Recreate the Power of the Face-to-Face Meeting – Virtually

Agreement processes are most successful when completed in-person. Why? Because consumers tend to turn to channels where they can get human help – especially for complex, multi-step agreements. That’s why in today’s increasingly remote world, the human element is more important than ever before. Organizations that can offer a personal, human touch remotely are in a better position to get their customers the help they need and ultimately win them over.

The OneSpan Virtual Room enables financial institutions to re-create the power of the face-to-face meeting and complete financial agreements that require human assistance. It brings together electronic signature, web-enabled videoconferencing, and rich collaboration capabilities in one solution.

Use Cases

The Virtual Room goes beyond the ability to web conference and capture an electronic signature. It helps you conduct business in a virtual environment, as if you were meeting your customers in-person.

Account Opening

Retail banking, commercial banking, wealth, insurance policies, investment accounts, and more.

Account Maintenance

Beneficiary changes, investment account review, switching accounts, etc.

Product Applications

Mortgage, loans, annuities, and more.

Insurance Claims

Submission and review of claims by agents and brokers.

Automobile Financing

Vehicle financing and leasing agreements.


    Bring the Human Element to Your Remote Agreement Processes

    The Virtual Room helps you deliver a secure and interactive experience to guide a customer through the financial agreement process and effectively close the deal.

    It’s a win-win for you and your customers. Your customers get the financial help they need from the convenience of their home or office, and your organization gets access to a new, high-touch channel to engage with customers as humanlyas possible..

    How It Works

    An easy 5-step process to get documents signed virtually and reduce missing and incorrect information in account applications and forms.

    Flow Chart Virtual Room EN
    • Upload documents or select predefined template
    • Add signers
    • Set the date and time for the virtual signing session


    • Signers join the Virtual Room by clicking the link in the email invitation
    • Signers verify their identity using the selected authentication method (optional)


    • The host and signers enter the video-enabled Virtual Room
    • The host helps signers understand the agreement in real-time


    • Guided workflows provide signers with easy-to-follow cues
    • Signers initial and sign the document
    • Signers download a copy of the e-signed documents


    Why OneSpan Virtual Room

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    Fast & Convenient

    Built-in videoconferencing eliminates the need for in-person meetings to review and sign documents.

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    Secure Agreements

    Bank-grade security, digital signature encryption, and strong identity proofing capabilities ensure data and documents are always secure.

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    Real-time Assistance

    A “white-glove” experience to address customer questions in real-time and ensure they get the help they need.

    Audit Trail icon

    Strong Electronic Evidence

    Vendor-independent audit trails with the option to record the virtual signing session.

    White label icon

    Fully Branded Experience

    Fully white-label the e-sign process to keep the spotlight on your brand – from start to finish.

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    All-in-One Solution

    Built-in e-signature, videoconferencing and rich collaboration features with no need to patch multiple solutions together.