Top 10 Reasons to Choose OneSpan Sign

With over 20 years of experience in e-signatures, OneSpan Sign is trusted by top banks, insurance companies and government agencies for their demanding and high volume B2C processes. What makes OneSpan Sign unique is its ability to balance the highest levels of security and compliance with ease-of-use, while providing a powerful and flexible platform that can be leveraged across the organization.


Key reasons why top banks, insurance companies and government agencies trust OneSpan Sign for their e-signature needs:
  • Strong customer focus
  • A Single, Unified Audit Trail
  • White-labeling capability
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Scalable platform
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to integrate
  • Anti-tampering controls
  • Strong authentication options
  • Global & secure

Strong Customer Focus

OneSpan Sign is recognized by analysts, customers and partners as a leader in e-signatures for customer-facing transactions. Consistently ranked as #1 in customer satisfaction and with the highest customer retention rates in the market, we provide the white-glove treatment and will do whatever it takes to make sure you’re successful and feel like a valued customer – today and tomorrow.

A Single, Unified Audit Trail

OneSpan Sign makes it incredibly easy to access details about the transaction to prove compliance. The audit trail is permanently embedded within the e-signed document for easy, one-click verification. In addition, we’re the only provider in the market to offer a single audit trail of the entire agreement process – from identity verification and authentication to e-signature. This includes the ID and authentication check method used and the detailed results of the verification. As a result, you get a complete picture of the transaction with strong identity assurance to demonstrate compliance.

White-labeling Capability

If you’ve ever opened a bank account or applied for insurance online, you probably used OneSpan Sign without even knowing it. That’s because our customers can fully white-label the e-sign process to keep the spotlight on their brand – from start to finish – to drive high completion rates. Unlike other e-signature solutions that simply allow you to apply your brand, OneSpan Sign gives you full control over the look-and-feel of the application and workflow.



Flexible Deployment Options

OneSpan Sign gives you the flexibility to choose how and where you want to deploy the solution – whether that’s in a public cloud, private cloud or on-premises. Change your deployment type at any time as your business needs or IT 
policies change.

Scalable Platform

OneSpan Sign’s unified platform gives you the power to scale the use of e-signatures across your lines of business and departments – both locally and abroad – without compromising performance or security. OneSpan Sign offers you an enterprise-grade platform that grows with your organization’s needs.

Easy to Use

Whether you’re a sender or a signer, OneSpan Sign makes it easy for everyone to use. Our intuitive UI and responsive design was built with all types of devices in mind. So whether you’re on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, our solution provides a seamless user experience to help you quickly and securely send and sign documents.

Easy to Integrate

Customers and partners praise OneSpan Sign for the ease of use of our API and fully supported SDKs for Java, .NET, APEX, iOS and Android. Our tools facilitate rapid development of e-signing capabilities for your web applications, core systems and mobile apps. In addition, we offer pre-built connectors for popular third-party applications like 
Salesforce and SharePoint – no coding required.

Anti-tampering Controls

OneSpan Sign uses digital signature technology to tamper seal documents after each signature and visibly invalidate documents if any changes are made. This built-in security guarantees the integrity of the e-signed document and helps protect you and your customers from fraudulent behavior.

Strong Authentication Options

OneSpan Sign supports a broad range of options to verify the identity of signers prior to giving them access to documents. Email, SMS text code and Q&A are included with all OneSpan Sign plans. Our solution also integrates with third-party ID verification and authentication services such as Equifax and Digipass.

Global & Secure

OneSpan Sign is available on more global data centers than any other e-signature provider to help you meet your data residency requirements. We have also successfully completed rigorous security audits, such as ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017, ISO/IEC 27018, SOC 2 Type II and FedRAMP compliance, which certify that OneSpan Sign has the necessary controls in place to ensure that data is safe and secure at all times.