OneSpan Sign Virtual Room

Watch this video to learn how OneSpan Sign Virtual Room enables organizations to re-create the power of an in-person meeting, verify the identity of signers, and collect electronic signatures - all in a virtual session. 

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Virtual Room - Video Transcript

In today's remote world, human interactions are more important than ever. 

Before signing complex and high value agreements within banking, finance and insurance, customers often turn to channels where they can get human help. ​ 

That’s why we built OneSpan Sign Virtual Room, a secure, digital solution that helps organizations guide customers through multi-step financial agreements, verify the identity of signers, and collect electronic signatures - all in a virtual session.  

With built-in e-signature, web-enabled videoconferencing, and rich collaboration features, OneSpan Sign Virtual Room helps organizations engage and transact with customers with confidence.  

Virtual Room can be used for multiple high value customer agreements, including: 

  • Account Opening and Maintenance​, 
  • Wealth Management​, 
  • Insurance Policies and Claims​, and 
  • Car Financing. 

OneSpan Sign Virtual Room helps organizations bring the human element to remote agreement processes.   

The solution enables organizations to: 

  • Capture legally binding e-signatures in real-time.  
  • Transact with signers remotely. 
  • Verify the identities of participants. 
  • Simultaneously review documents and address questions. 
  • Capture vendor-independent audit trails. 
  • And record the signing session. 

Organizations can also fully white-label the e-sign process to keep the spotlight on their brand – from start to finish. 

As a leader in securing customer experiences, OneSpan’s solution also includes bank-grade security, digital signature encryption, and strong identity proofing capabilities to ensure data and documents are always secure. 

OneSpan Sign Virtual Room helps organizations deliver a fast, convenient, secure and interactive customer experience in a virtual environment. 

Customers get the financial help they need, in real-time from the convenience of their home or office, and organizations get access to a new high-touch channel to help drive growth and improve customer retention. 

Recreate the power of a face-to-face meeting with OneSpan Sign Virtual Room. 

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Bring a Human Connection to Remote Banking, Insurance, & Financial Services

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