Customer First, Security Always: Optimize the customer experience with eSignature and ID Verification


Saurabh Khurana | VP Product Marketing and Partnerships

Featuring Forrester Guest Speaker Merritt Maxim | VP, Research Director

eSigning contracts for consumer and business transactions requires solutions that are fundamentally secure from start to finish. Verifying the identities of people you’re interacting with and ensuring the authenticity of documents you’re eSigning is critical in a threat environment that includes realistic AI-generated deepfakes. To maintain security, while enhancing the customer journey - digital agreements are evolving to deliver omnichannel experiences, backed by digital identity and legal enforceability. To meet customer’s expectations, organizations are investing in technology that removes friction delivering faster results and increasing overall ROI.

In this session, we will explore:
  • Trends in customer digital transactions concerning security and fraud
  • How eSignature and identity verification mechanisms can be seamlessly integrated through the entire customer journey
  • Real-world examples using eSignatures and IDV to improve their customer journey