Mobile App Security Mobile App Security

Mobile App Security

Reinforce trust and optimize the mobile experience by securing your apps and providing users with cutting-edge authentication.

How it works

See how OneSpan’s Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) proactively manages the real threat of sophisticated malware, by effectively detecting and preventing fraudulent app activities before they can even start.

Mobile Application Security

Mobile application security is traditionally a balancing act between reducing the risk of malware and preserving a seamless user experience. Too many authentication steps will frustrate the user, and adoption rates will suffer. Fail to provide enough security, and users’ personal assets and data are ripe for the taking.

OneSpan’s advanced authentication technology ensures the integrity of the mobile applications running on the device, without compromising the experience.

Business Goals

Effectively protect against sophisticated mobile fraud schemes while delivering a frictionless user experience

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    Elevated Customer Trust

    Build brand loyalty by instilling customer confidence in the security of your mobile services

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    Enhanced User Experience

    Provide customers the latest biometric authentication options for a simplified mobile experience

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    Integrated Security

    Natively integrate security and authentication capabilities into mobile apps with a proven, easy-to-use developer toolkit

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    Increased Transaction Volume

    Increase customers’ comfort with your mobile channel to pave the way for more transactions at a lower cost

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    Mitigating Fraud

    Detect and disrupt fraud with real-time visibility into the risk profile of users, apps, and devices via machine learning and risk analytics

Our Capabilities

OneSpan’s mobile application security solutions include advanced mobile app security, biometric authentication, and risk analytics to instill trust and reduce friction

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    Mobile Security SDK

    Comprehensive, natively integrated application security, multi-factor authentication, and transaction signing

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    App Shielding

    Strengthen your apps' resistance to intrusion, tampering and reverse-engineering

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    Risk Analytics

    Sophisticated risk analytics engine leveraging machine learning to better detect fraud in real time

Customer Use Case

We are delighted to bring the highest level of security to our users and the best part is that they probably won’t even know it’s there because all of the security takes place in the background where it has no impact on the user experience.

— Jay Sidhu, CEO and Chairman

Leverage Our Expertise

OneSpan is committed to helping you to identify the right security technologies to meet your business goals from growth to user experience, compliance, and more.