eSignLive and Equifax Partner to Offer Knowledge-Based Authentication Service with E-Signatures

December 15, 2014

(MONTREAL) – December 15, 2014 – Leading electronic signature provider Silanis Technology announced today the integration of its e-signature signing service e-SignLive™ with the Equifax identity verification and knowledge based authentication (KBA) solution, eIDVerifier®. Together, e-SignLive and eIDVerifier enable businesses to get documents signed electronically with the added benefits of real-time identity authentication, protecting organizations and their customers from potential fraud-related losses while speeding up business and keeping transactions digital. With the majority of digital business transactions conducted remotely online, there are tremendous benefits to offering customers, vendors and partners the ability to use e-signatures. However, in situations like these, the organization initiating the transaction must know with whom they are transacting, requiring the need to authenticate the signer’s identity. eIDverifier® is an Internet-based service that authenticates an applicant's identity by presenting multiple-choice questions to the applicant that should only be known by that actual person. This patented interactive session leverages a waterfall approach to validating applicant information against multiple data sources and binds the applicant to the identity information entered. User authentication plays a crucial role in electronic signature transactions and the resulting documentation. It can help reduce the risk of repudiation and ensure enforceability of the e-signed record. It also directly impacts customer experience. Executed well, user authentication builds trust and loyalty. Done poorly, it can lead to frustration and abandonment of the electronic process. The integration of e-SignLive with the Equifax eIDVerifier solution provides an enhanced service offering; complements existing user authentication methods built into e-SignLive, including email, SMS and challenge/response questions; and simplifies the verification process by confirming the signer’s identity as part of a secure, real-time process:

  • The user information is captured by e-SignLive and submitted to Equifax eIDVerifier;
  • The eIDVerifier authentication engine returns a multiple-choice questionnaire compiled from information managed by consumer and business information sources. These questions can include elements from the user's financial history. e-SignLive displays the multiple choice questionnaire to the signer prior to gaining access to the signing ceremony;
  • The signer completes and submits the multiple-choice questionnaire.

  Once the signer's identity is confirmed, the consumer is able to move forward with the next steps for e-signing an online purchase, contract or agreement. This not only saves the cost of manual verification, but also mitigates risks associated with unknown customers in a faceless environment, experienced in situations like new bank account openings online. “The Equifax eIDVerifier integration with e-SignLive by Silanis improves the online engagement experience for end-users. Our partnership further helps verify a signer’s online identity quickly and easily while saving on costs and reducing the potential for fraud and unauthorized online access,” said Jeff Knott, assistant vice president at Equifax as well as 2015 chairman-elect for the Electronic Signature and Records Association (ESRA). “As more transactions take place online, businesses are looking for secure ways to authenticate customers, providing additional protection from fraud. The integration of e-SignLive with the Equifax eIDVerifier service enables our customers in both the U.S. and Canada to mitigate any potential risks in a timely, cost effective way,” said Tommy Petrogiannis, CEO and co-founder at Silanis Technology. To find out more about this partnership and integrated solution, watch this webcast. To find out more about authentication methods, download the User Authentication Best Practices for E-Signatures Transactions.

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