eSignLive Announces ApproveIt Desktop Version 5.6

March 7, 2004

Designed to meet the approval requirements of today's enterprise

AIIM Conference, New York, March 8, 2004 — Silanis today announced version 5.6 of ApproveIt Desktop, its off-the-shelf electronic approval software for the automation of business approval processes within and amongst enterprises. This new release introduces significant enhancements to support the needs of today’s enterprise. From added support for 3rd party applications, to dramatically improved network deployment features that support today’s security conscience environments, ApproveIt Desktop is built to meet the large scale and interoperability requirements of enterprise clients.

“Businesses run on decisions. The auditability and tracking of these decisions is fundemental for today’s marketplace, this has now become as critical as an organization’s email infrastructure.” said Tommy Petrogiannis, president of Silanis.

Approval Support Within Common Business Applications

One of the critical features of ApproveIt Desktop Version 5.6 is its expanded support for common third party applications. New support has been added in this version for Office 2003, Acrobat 6.0, Adobe Forms, Adobe Reader 6.0 and PureEdge ICS 6.0. The software also offers forward and backward cross-compatibility, to enable cross-version approvals and verification for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Adobe Acrobat documents. For a completed list of newly supported versions, please visit:

“Ensuring cross-compatibility for versions of common applications is critical for enterprises”, said Tommy Petrogiannis, president of Silanis. “It provides interoperability amongst departments that have different versions of an application and facilitates inter and intra-departmental compatibility for approval processes.”

ApproveIt Desktop 5.6 also offers enhanced support for signing natively with a digital certificate or smart card. This provides enterprises with the flexibility of either deploying ePersona files or leveraging a 3rd party PKI if one is already deployed. ApproveIt Desktop can be used with or without a PKI and provides the flexibility for an organization to add in a 3rd party PKI later on without making changes to ApproveIt Desktop.

Enhanced User Experience

In version 5.6 of ApproveIt Desktop, Silanis has also made significant improvements to the user interface. A new common approval ceremony across all supported programs reinforces Silanis’ OnePen™ approach that provides a common approval experience across all applications. This enhances user adoption by providing a more intuitive, consistent user experience and by limiting the amount of user training.

Advanced Enterprise Deployment Support

In order to properly address security concerns, today’s enterprise restricts what can or cannot be deployed on user’s desktops. ApproveIt Desktop version 5.6 adds significant advancements to enable centrally administered mass deployment, in today’s restricted environments, especially where users have locked-down desktops.


ApproveIt Desktop Version 5.6 will be available by the end of March as will the new ApproveIt Desktop Upgrade Package. This Package provides Upgrade Planning, Software Installation, Post-Upgrade Recommendations and Knowledge Transfer. For more information:

About Silanis

Silanis Technology is the leading provider of solutions that automate the Business Approval Process. The company’s award winning desktop and server-based solutions leverage electronic signature and approval technology to achieve total automation. With over 1,000 customers across government, mortgage, auto finance, insurance, banking and FDA regulated industries, Silanis has over a decade of experience in developing and delivering solutions that work the way organizations do. Government customers include NIH NIAID, USPS OIG, US Mint, and an enterprise license with both the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and the US Army.


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