National City Bank Improves Customer Service By 50% With Electronic Signatures

June 11, 2000

Silanis electronic signature software key to success

Montreal, Qc, June 12, 2000 — National City Bank's Private Investment Advisors Resource Center (Cleveland, Ohio) improved its business processes and customer service by more than 50% using a customer relationship management (CRM) and workflow solution featuring Silanis ApproveIt', Silanis Technology Inc. President Tommy Petrogiannis announced today.

The workflow solution, which combines Silanis' electronic signature software with Hyland's document management software, OnBase“, and Siebel's CRM software, sped up processing time so effectively that the Resource Center's serviceable customer accounts grew from 1,000 to 12,000 in under 3 years without requiring a proportionate increase in service personnel.

An overseer of trust accounts and tax-sheltered savings plans, the majority of the Resource Center's documents require written authorization. Prior to implementing the CRM and workflow solution, employees spent almost half their time completing, signing and routing documents manually through the Center's various departments.

"Our employees spent more than 48% of their time either finding files or filling out forms," said Libby Lewis, Senior Vice-president of National City's Private Investment Advisors Resource Center. "With the ApproveIt/OnBase/Siebel solution, we've increased efficiency by more than 50% while maintaining the security of our documents."

By allowing the bank to add handwritten electronic signatures to their electronic documents, ApproveIt accelerated the Center's approval process and enhanced its audit trail. ApproveIt's unique support for multiple signatures and ability to sign separate form sections allowed the bank to securely capture employee signatures on-line, and route the documents internally for additional approval processing.

"Security and automation are two of the most pressing issues facing businesses today," explained Michael Laurie, Vice-president of Alliances at Silanis. "This case demonstrates that ApproveIt offers a complimentary solution that gives customers a competitive advantage."

Linmar Systems, an Atlanta-based supplier of automated data collection, data entry, and data management systems, put together the solution for the bank. "When Linmar suggested that National City Bank use ApproveIt for its signing and approval requirements, I immediately recognized our combined potential," explained Packy Hyland, CEO of Hyland Software. "Teaming up with Silanis was a natural fit for Hyland."

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