The US Army G-3/7 Munitions Management Division Expands Its Use of eSignLive E-Signatures

October 4, 2010

Montreal, QC, October 5, 2010 - Silanis Technology today announced that the US Army G-3/7 Munitions Management Division will expand its use of Silanis e-signatures with TAMIS, the Army’s centralized knowledge management system for processing ammunition requests across its worldwide operations. The Army has purchased the Silanis ApproveIt® Web Server (AWS) to electronically sign and certify munitions consumption, thereby enabling processes to remain fully electronic from start to finish. “While soldiers and civilians from the US Army, Army Reserve, Army National Guard and Marine Corps have been using Silanis’ e-signature solution for the past six years to electronically process requests for ammunition, they were still using an off-line paper process to record how much ammunition they consumed during combat operations,” said Bob Torche, TAMIS PM, in the Army Munitions Division. “This prevented the munitions managers from gaining real-time visibility into actual consumption in the field, which is critical in determining future munitions requirements and aiding in munitions accountability,” added Torche. With Silanis’ web-based solution, Commanding Officers will be able to provide more timely information back to munitions managers by electronically signing and returning the consumption certification from any PC or Mac system at their disposal. Integrated with TAMIS, the platform-independent e-signature solution pulls a PDF document to present a pure zero client e-sign ceremony whereby soldiers do not need to download or install any additional software or plug-ins. They simply ‘click-to-sign’ the certification form with or without a CAC card, using nothing more than a web browser and their mouse. The result is an electronically signed, auditable munitions consumption report. “The deployment of this client independent solution is a significant step forward for enabling soldiers to e-sign documents anytime, any place, any where and on any device,” said Tommy Petrogiannis, Co-Founder and CEO of Silanis Technology. “Our next-generation, web-based solution has been in use by other large government agencies, such as the GSA and leading financial institutions to enable secure electronic transactions. The Munitions Office will now be able to harness the power of Silanis’ electronic signature process management solution and easily extend e-signing processes to the iPad and other mobile devices,” said Petrogiannis.

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